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Leading Global Spanish Hospitality Brand Publishes Children’s Book to Raise Awareness on Child Exploitation

Iberostar Foundation, in collaboration with actor Antonio Banderas and UNICEF, today presented the children’s tale, Book of Dreams, with the aim of raising awareness amongst parents and children on child exploitation. In an event staged during the Grand Opening of the recently inaugurated Iberostar Cancún hotel, Antonio Banderas, Gloria Fluxà, Executive Vice President, Iberostar GROUP and Joan Vargas, HR and CSR Corporate Director for the group, in addition to a UNICEF representative for Mexico, presented the book to the public.

Through a compelling narrative, Book of Dreams gathers and reflects the main principles of the ECPAT Code, a Code of Conduct for Protection of Children and Teenagers against Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, jointly prepared by the World Tourism Organization, UNICEF and ECPAT*.

Within the framework of its new CSR policy, Iberostar GROUP joined the code last September, endorsing a commitment of promoting various actions aimed at preventing sexual exploitation of children.

Gloria Fluxá, Executive Vice President, Iberostar GROUP stated, "One of the commitments acquired with the signing of the ECPAT Code is dissemination of its principles and goals. With the release of this tale we are able to convey them to our customers in a fun and enjoyable manner, addressing both parents and children".

The 16-page story, written by well-known youth and children’s writer Begoña Oro, uses illustrations and interactive text to allow readers to participate in childhood values, including a final moral by Antonio Banderas, which convey the principles endorsed by the ECPAT Code.

Illustrations have been drawn by Toni Martínez who, through casual, youthful aesthetics, succeeds in involving readers and allowing them to visualize the dreams of thousands of children throughout the world.

For Joan Vargas, Human Resources and CSR Corporate Director, Iberostar GROUP, "Illustrations used are perfectly suited to the author’s style, which has proved decisive in conveying Iberostar’s philosophy. We find it essential to raise awareness amongst children and also adults as we have in our hands the chance of helping eradicate a problem affecting us all".

Book of Dreams mainly targets children ages 6 to 12, and will be edited in Spanish, English and German and distributed throughout the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts free of charge. At the end of each book, readers are invited to tear off the last page in order to, in a symbolic fashion, eliminate sexual exploitation from the lives of millions of children.

According to Antonio Banderas, Global Spokesperson, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, "Being a part of this tale has enabled me to contribute my effort in an issue that must not be forgotten, and one for which we must continue fighting. I am very proud of having participated with Iberostar in a project that strengthens protection of the little ones against sexual exploitation in travel and tourism".

Iberostar Foundation aims to meet the Corporate Social Responsibility goals that Iberostar GROUP has developed since its inception, which promotes an improved social, assistance-related, educational and cultural environment in communities in need.


Notes to editors

*ECPAT is a network of organizations and individuals working against child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children and teenagers for sexual purposes.