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Starting this summer with Spain, this ambitious initiative will be extended in 2019 to the Group’s portfolio of more than 110 hotels, making all Iberostar Hotels & Resorts’ rooms around the world Single Use Plastic Free
Together with promoting certified sustainable fishing, the protection and conservation of coral reefs and care of the Mediterranean Sea, reducing plastic pollution is one of the key actions included in the ‘Wave of Change’ initiative, part of the Iberostar Group’s sustainability policy that channels its commitment to the environment

Reducing plastic pollution is one of the key objectives of the sustainability policy that Iberostar’s business strategy is based on; an objective that involves eliminating single use plastic products from its hotels in Spain over the course of 2018, and gradually replacing them with biodegradable materials. Because of this proactive determination to change, by June, all rooms at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts’ 36 hotels in Spain will be Single Use Plastic Free.

Thanks to this initiative, regular products, including bathroom amenities, bags for slippers or clothing and minibar items will be replaced by others made from alternative materials such as glass, compostable cardboard or renewable plant-based items. Eliminating the 1.5 million plastic bottles that will no longer be used in Iberostar hotel rooms in Spain each year will prevent the generation of 43 tons of plastic waste.  

This ambitious project began in 2017 following an internal audit that detected all products containing plastic. For example, following a campaign conducted in hotels to cut down on the use of plastic straws and replace them with biodegradable alternatives, usage has been reduced by 10%, which means a saving of 10 million units. If all these straws were placed in a line, it would extend for 2,000 km, which is longer than the distance between London and Palma.

Through initiatives like this, the Iberostar Group aims to involve employees, partners and even guests willing to join the wave of change. The company’s head offices in Palma was the pioneer in eliminating single use plastics.  


The ‘Wave of Change’ Project

The Iberostar Group is fully aware of the vital importance of the seas and oceans for our planet and the survival of humankind. With more than 80% of its hotels in seafront locations, the company has drawn up a road map in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing especially on people, the driving force underpinning the company’s success, the environment, and the protection of the seas and oceans. To achieve this latter goal, Iberostar recently launched an ambitious project under the name ‘A Wave of Change’. This project is centred on three main areas: the reduction of plastic pollution; the promotion of sustainable fishing; and the conservation of coral reefs and care of the Mediterranean Sea. Through the actions included in this project, the company is seeking to raise employee and guest awareness of just how important individual actions are in the daily fight against climate change.


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