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BOA MISTURA, ART AND DESIGN AT THE HEART OF THE Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia

Renowned for their urban artworks and always in tune with their surroundings, the artists that make up the ‘Boa Mistura’ group have presented their latest creation. ‘Migraciones’ – Migrations – is inspired by nature and the character of the iconic hotel opened recently by Iberostar on Paseo de Gracia.

Barcelona exudes art and culture at every turn: all levels of society and organisations have always worked hard to encourage artistic expression in all forms, not only in museums but also on the streets and building façades. Following its arrival in the city, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts was eager to contribute to this creative spirit, and on this occasion has joined forces with the group of artists known as Boa Mistura.    

Internationally renowned for their works created in Paris, Madrid, São Paulo and New York, Boa Mistura took on the challenge of turning the Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia into a new cultural and artistic attraction for Barcelona, coming up with a highly visual design that combined Iberostar’s essence and character with the spirit of the city that has welcomed it with open arms.  

Following two weeks of intense work and efforts,  reflected in  this video, the result is the stunning 530 m2 mural known as ‘Migraciones’ – Migrations.

The work shows two Audouin’s gulls, a species that has been in danger of extinction. The world’s largest colony of this bird is currently to be found in the Ebro Delta.  

Joined at the centre, the two gulls are flying in opposite directions, representing the migratory paths birds take during the course of the year. This metaphor is reinforced through the use of colour and contrasting warmer and colder tones, leading us to reflect on the differing routes that not only birds, but also all living beings, take during their lifetime, further adding to the hotel’s role as a meeting point and ‘crossroads’.  

The work also evokes a flower symbolising the experience of self-discovery. Thanks to its impressive size and location in one of the hotel’s central spaces, the mural can be admired from all the rooms that overlook the hotel’s inner courtyard, creating an eye-catching feature for guests that will make their stay even more special.  

Boa Mistura, which is the Portuguese for “a good mix”, is the name of a group of Spanish artists whose origins are rooted in graffiti and who have earned international acclaim with symbolic artworks rich in meaning and significance that can be admired in various urban locations.  

This collaboration project with the artists from Boa Mistura has enabled the new Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia to transmit its essentially urban and cosmopolitan identity, making it the perfect base from which to explore the city’s most arty districts and its museums and galleries, taking in Barcelona’s wealth of urban design and art that draw visitors to the city from around the world.