In the absence of a global language, dance is possibly the most universal language, as it exists in all cultures. It is the most primary manifestation of the emotions that have united us for thousands of years, playing a fundamental role in social relations of all kinds. This is precisely one of the many benefits of dance. 

In 2009, the Hungarian psychologist István Winkler proved that people are born with a sense of rhythm and music. In other words, that the desire to move to the rhythm of music is an innate characteristic of human beings.

How does dancing help your brain?

From a neurological point of view, dancing involves auditory and visual perception, balance, motor coordination and memory. You need to remember sequences of movements, coordinate these movements in times that set the rhythm of the music and execute them in a space. And if you dance with another person or in a group, you need to add to that communication and empathy with others!

Benefits of dancing in your daily life

Dancing is an activity that not only offers many positive benefits for your brain, but also to your way of developing in a positive way in your daily life. These are some of the main benefits of dancing:

5 dance styles to stay in top shape

Tap dancing
With this dance, originally from the United States, you will acquire better coordination in your movements, a quality that you will later be able to apply in your daily activities. By practicing it, you will get great exercise and make improve the independence of the movements of your extremities. It also provides better concentration and strengthens the abdomen, which you use to keep your balance and focus most of the strength of the dance on your feet.

Latin dances
Imagine yourself on a Caribbean beach, relaxing and moving your hips to the rhythm of cumbia, salsa, merengue or cha cha cha. Latin rhythms are vibrant and fun, and help improve physical endurance. In addition, the joyful atmosphere that surrounds these styles will make your mood rise through the roof.


Practicing ballet, whatever your age, will help you acquire good back posture, as a result of the muscular work done in this area. In this way, you will get better support for your daily activities.
This style of dance also benefits your concentration, since to achieve a simple step or a correct posture you will most likely need more than 20 corrections: tension of the arms and legs, elbow stretching, neck lengthening, straight posture, wide chest, stretched feet, lifted weight... in addition to having to maintain a wide smile while performing them! and follow the rhythm of the music while you dance.
Belly dance
Belly dance movements work the muscles and flexibility throughout the whole body, but especially the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic areas. This will help you become aware of your body, and the posture you adopt at every moment. It is estimated that practicing this style of dance burns about 300 calories per hour. And, above all, it helps you to accept your body as it is, leaving possible complexes aside and enjoying a pleasant feeling of well-being, by releasing a good number of endorphins.

Psychologists from the University of Cambridge in the UK have developed an innovative programme called Hip Hop Psych, which aims to help people with communication difficulties find a better way to express themselves freely through hip-hop. On a physical level, this dance style is great cardio exercise. It helps stengthen muscles, glutes, thighs and other leg and arm muscles, and contributes to more flexible and elastic joints.

Dance and rediscover yourself with Iberostar Aliveness

Do you feel like dancing when you read about all the benefits of dancing, but you can't find the right moment?

Maybe your next holiday is the ideal time. How? By taking part in the dance classes offered by the Iberostar Aliveness program.

Dance is one of more than 80 activities in this program, which includes yoga sessions on the beach at sunrise and sunset, the opportunity to practice sports, paddle surfing, body surfing and swimming in the sea, discovering new landscapes by running, cycling and hiking, creating a cosmetic or perfume with your own hands from local and natural essences, and enjoying wine tastings and walks under the moonlight, among many other options.

Without leaving your hotel on the beach, you can channel the adrenaline, feel the emotions flowing through your whole body, share with other people who, like you, want to experience the spontaneity of movement, singing and dancing barefoot in the middle of nature, on the sand of the beach, feeling the energy of the Earth around you to the rhythm of stimulating local music.

The main aim of Iberostar Aliveness is to discover yourself in a different way during your next holidays, in addition to discovering a new destination. Reconnect with yourself, with nature and with the environment. Discover, among many other activities, the many benefits of dancing.

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