The Dominican Republic is a country with a lot of life, framed by a prodigious nature that makes this happy island a paradise for ecotourism. National parks, ecological reserves, rainforests, desert areas, cliffs, caves, waterfalls... make up a mosaic of landscapes which, according to a study, have a bearing on the fact that this country has the highest degree of happiness in all of Latin America.

There are many options for going on adventures that pursue natural enjoyment, but with the least impact on the environment; activities that focus on fun in the many green areas, but as part of the conservation of the environment and respect for local communities.

The hotels in the Dominican Republic of the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts bring visitors to the most beautiful parts of the island through its 6 luxurious resorts located in Bayahibe, Playa Bavaro and Puerto Plata.

This form of responsible tourism has made a strong impression on the island in all its forms: from extreme sports to agritourism, from hot springs to large resorts and hotels, to the simple contemplation of flora and fauna.

All jungle

And to enjoy this natural exuberance, you don't have to go too far from the beach. In the Iberostar's hotels in Punta Cana, we follow sustainable criteria, you can unexpectedly take a walk through the forest in the Ojos Indígenas (Indigenous Eyes) Ecological Reserve. More than 600 hectares of forest, in which the twelve lagoons of crystalline waters give the protected park its name: for the indigenous people, because of its peculiar shape, it was the eyes of the jungle.

Also, there are springs, bizarre plants and native species of fauna.  In this discreet reserve, ecotourism includes hiking, horse rides and freshwater diving.

The east of the island also shelters the lagoon of Bávaro, which is part of an extensive wetland area. Here, in this peace haven of about three-square kilometers, you can kayak and fish, sail peacefully in a boat or take part in bird watching through the mangroves.

The newly renovated, 5-star all inclusive Iberostar Selection Bávaro Suites is tucked away in a coveted location between lush tropical gardens and the incredible Playa Bávaro, an amazing beach with powdery soft white sand and intensely rich turquoise waters.

And for more nature, that which hides in the depths. The Fun Fun Cave is a maze of tunnels and corridors that snake between stalactites and stalagmites, while the De las Maravillas Cave is an underground Gothic museum where you can admire the petroglyphs painted by the Taíno Indians.

Relaxation or adrenaline?

To the south, the island adopts the landscape of the West Indies with its combination of ecosystems: arid fields, sea terraces, rock shores, hot springs, coral reefs... It is the Pedernales area that hosts the Jaragua National Park, next to the mountains of Bahoruco and Lake Enriquillo, the largest in the Dominican Republic.