Earth is the incredible planet we live on, with its oceans, mountains, forests, glaciers, deserts and amazing creatures everywhere. Aren’t we fortunate to be able to contemplate these wonderful sunrises, to feel the light and the warmth of the sun, the magic of the moon in any of its forms, or the serenity that stars bring us in the clearest nights? ... Yes, this is the fabulous place we are all part of. A gift that we can enjoy together and must also take care of and respect in a conscious way, to honor it as it deserves.


One step forward

Iberostar has always been sensitive to all types of environmentally-friendly causes and has now decided to go one step further, with the conviction that everybody’s cooperation is essential to achieve a great goal: for our planet to become a better place for those who inhabit it and for those in generations to come.

With more than 80% of hotels on the beachfront, the company has decided to focus on the conservation of seas and oceans to contribute to the evolution of an increasingly sustainable tourism.

This movement has been named "Wave of Change".

Environmentally-friendly tourism

"Wave of Change" is an exciting movement for many reasons, as it contributes to the optimum health of seas and oceans by developing specific actions and allows us to face the challenge of proving that it is possible to enjoy your break while being respectful with the environment too.

On holidays we also get involved with Iberostar’s commitment because, besides enjoying some well-deserved days of rest surrounded by all the comforts and attentions, we contribute to improve the planet too. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Seas & oceans, our treasures

Despite occupying three quarters of the planet and being essential for life development, seas and oceans remain largely unknown to most of us. Besides contributing to the main function of all living beings’ breathing abilities, they provide us with food through many of their animals and plants, and obviously allow us to enjoy a nice swim during the summer days, something that undoubtedly contributes to our happiness and well-being.

According to the United Nations, more than 3,000 million people in the world depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihood, and the market value of marine and coastal resources is estimated at around 3 billion euros per year. There are around 200,000 identified species in seas and oceans, although there could be millions, as the UN itself affirms.

Aware of these realities, Iberostar bases the "Wave of Change" movement on three lines of action:

1. Elimination of single-use plastics.

2. Promotion of sustainable fishing.

3. Improvement of coastal health.

Stop plastic!

The data is devastating: each year, about 13 million tons of plastic are dumped into seas and oceans. If we continue at this pace, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Is this not something to think about?

Proof of its strong commitment to seas and oceans, Iberostar has become the first hotel chain to eliminate and replace single-use plastic products with more environmentally-friendly materials in all the rooms of its 36 hotels in Spain. In 2019 it will be a reality in the more than 120 hotels the company has worldwide.

Sustainable fish

Iberostar restaurant menus prioritize sustainable fish, as well as other seafood products. The sales teams and gastronomic advisors of the company work hand in hand with suppliers to achieve a greater traceability of sea foodstuffs in order to adjust the offer to responsible consumption in each of the destinations in which the company is present. With this in mind, charts are redesigned to get rid of sensitive species and sellers that have no proof that these fish have been captured in a responsible manner. This will help value the fish of the area further, thus contributing to the boost of local economies.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is the first chain in southern Europe to obtain the chain of custody certificate for sustainable fish. Four of its hotels in Spain have been certified with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) chains of custody, which are witness to the firm commitment the company has regarding the promotion and development of responsible fishing. The goal is to obtain the same certification for establishments in Mexico and the Dominican Republic by the end of 2018, while promoting sustainable initiatives for the support of local communities.

Coastal health

Eight out of ten Iberostar hotels are located on the seafront, which we certainly value as much as guests do, since we can enjoy beautiful views and idyllic surroundings while relaxing during the holidays.

Being aware of the privilege of being able to count on these locations, it is very important for the company to leave the smallest possible footprint that could affect the coastline. Therefore, collaboration agreements have been reached with universities and research centers, with the aim of helping their scientific teams to ensure the protection and preservation of coral reefs, mangroves and Posidonia grasslands. These ecosystems serve as lungs for the ocean, in addition to providing shelter and food to millions of marine species.

The creation of a first coral nursery in one of the Iberostar hotels in the Dominican Republic, the studies for water purification through natural biofilters, and the creation of the "Cátedra Iberostar del Mar" professorship together with the Balearic Islands University for the study of Posidonia, are just some examples of the company's strong commitment to the coastal areas and the countries that its hotel complexes host.

A new tourism model for a new tourist

Tourists are increasingly aware of the environment in which we live but, on the other hand, we have a greater ability to move around the world to discover new countries, environments and cultures. Beyond enjoying the comforts of the hotel in which we stay, we like to know where the food we eat comes from, what material the objects we acquired during our stay are made of, or what positive aspects the establishment contributes to the community in which it is located. Our questions require a clear response and a sustainable line of action endorsed not only by words, but by facts.

With the pioneering movement "Wave of Change" for the study of the seas and oceans, Iberostar takes a decided step in its involvement to take care of the planet, with the conviction of contributing to make the world a better place, one step at a time.