Praia do Forte has an average annual temperature of 79ºF and plenty of nature. Even better, it’s a place that exemplifies the future of tourism; this tasteful destination is free of crowds and highly respectful of its surroundings and local residents.

The Iberostar Selection Praia Do Forte Hotel is a 5-star All Inclusive resort nestled on the beach of Praia do ForteConstructed in 2008, this luxurious 536 room hotel was designed with both couples and families with children in mind, offering unmatched dining and leisure options.


Brazil’s first ecotourism destination

Praia do Forte has snuck its way onto the vision boards of travelers everywhere, thanks to its lush mix of pristine beaches and forests that brush the shoreline. It’s a seemingly infinite stretch of sand that spans more than 12 kilometers.

Further inland is a green stretch of jungle known as the Atlantic Forest, dotted with small lakes and marshlands. At its heart you’ll find a lively fishing village replete with Bahian charm, where the taverns and daily routines remain as they’ve always been. Beneath the surface of the nearby waters are undisturbed and unforgettable coral reefs.

Ever since the first establishments opened in what’s known as Brazilian Polynesia, its natural wonders have inspired various ecological initiatives to preserve this little paradise. Two trends stand out among the rest: the proliferation of environmentally friendly tourist activities and the creation of projects that study and repopulate the area’s flora and fauna while also raising awareness about them.

More ecotourism

In Praia do Forte, preserving the turtle populations is a top priority. That being said, vacations here are much more than just sun, sand and the obligatory excursion to Salvador de Bahia. One of the most popular activities is learning to surf at the various nearby beaches. Here, waves break on a line of reefs far out at sea. Another favorite aquatic sport is diving, which reveals the abundance of coral and the depths of the ocean floor.