“We are what we eat”. This simple sentence contains a message that is more important than what it might seem at first sight.

Beyond serving as a vital function, eating and drinking should be part of a healthy lifestyle that helps you feel better in all the aspects of your daily life.

This is precisely what the new Iberostar Honest Food Program suggests: transmitting this gastronomic philosophy and the fact that eating in a healthy manner can turn into a natural habit for you.

a white plate topped with a sandwich and a salad

Such a truthful cuisine that it will make you become conscious about what you eat

Iberostar wants its gastronomy to be one of your great discoveries on your next holiday. Starting with a selection of fresh, natural and local products, which are then cooked with the respect and care they deserve so that you can enjoy them in their best version.

The aim of the program is not for you to go on a diet. But to transmit this conscious gastronomy to improve your well-being and to follow through with it, forever.

What does Iberostar Honest Food offer?

A healthy diet. Less sugar, salt, fried food, added fats…

Discover local products that will help you connect with each destination in a different way.

Be conscious about what you eat through “real” products, respecting their season, highlighting the raw material over additives and preservatives.

Support the community where your hotel is located by consuming local products that come from responsible growing techniques.

Physical and emotional well-being, while following all the related actions within this program.

a plate of food


Live the destination of your choice to the fullest by tasting the traditional cuisine. Local recipes that will fill your menu with color and experiences and show you more about this culture and local natural resources.