Any time of the year is good for letting you escape on a whim in which your body and mind are recharged and prepared for any future challenges. Or, just to enjoy a stay at a hotel where you will relax in a thousand and one ways.


Destination: Balearics Islands

The Balearic Islands. That set of islands dreamed about for their privileged climate, welcoming waters, endless beaches, and plenty to do. Today we are heading to the largest one, Majorca, and specifically to one of the most exclusive areas on the island. We reach the Puerto Portals area, where the most prestigious port in Majorca is located.

One of the best options for the traveler looking for everything on their vacation was built close by there a year ago– relaxation, comfort, crystal-clear waters, top hospitality and of course, fine cuisine.

Have you already guessed what hotel we are talking about? The Iberostar Grand Portals Nous hotel.

This hotel stands out for its interior decoration created by renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Architecture, decoration, painting and furniture go hand-in-hand to create a 360-degree experience around the designer’s dream world. An aesthetic that goes great with its services and spaces, all designed with a focus on resting and disconnecting.

Total relaxation

We said we were coming to this hotel in Majorca looking to relax, right? So, let's start. As soon as we walk through the door, a concierge will invite us to the cafe area and will be responsible for doing the check-in. Meanwhile, we’ll refresh ourselves with a glass of champagne and sweets in front of beautiful views of the cove and sea. This is one of the first surprises that is hidden at this magnificent establishment.   

The Physica Factor

But no doubt, the crown jewel for relaxing in this hotel is called Physicaits Health and Beauty Spa. Marcel Wanders once again takes over and creates a magical space, presided over by one of his life tree sculptures.

On the one hand, a more intimate area, inspired by the night with an igloo-like construction that houses a Turkish bath, with sensations showers and saunas. On the other hand, we enter a new world, one of relaxation. Going through a few arches, everything becomes white and calm in a hallway flanked by curtains wrapped around the seven treatment booths.