Isn’t it the most common commodity to choose your seats on a plane, decide if you want to sit next to the corridor or the window, and pick the front or rear of the plane nowadays?

Wouldn’t it be great to choose exactly where you want your room to be located when booking a hotel room before you even arrive at your destination? These are only some examples of how innovation can improve customer service.

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Do you prefer visiting the beach or the pool? A king-size or a double bed? Close or further away from the spa?

From now on, with the new Iberostar My Room Online booking system, you can choose in which specific hotel room you want to stay for free.

You just have to access and start enjoying your room from the moment you book!

My Room Online will allow you to choose the exact room that best suits your tastes and needs.

How? Easy! Upon entering you can take a virtual tour of the Iberostar hotel that you have chosen and interact through the different floors to get to know each of its rooms through 360º images and Google Maps plans.

When you are inside each room you can access information about its features: how the bed is and where it is located, what equipment the bathroom has, where the room is located within the hotel and what orientation it has, and even how far away the pool, the restaurant or the spa is.

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Check into your hotel before your arrival with Iberostar Web Check-in

Can you imagine arriving at the hotel and walking straight into your room, without checking-in at the front desk? Do you think it's a luxury? Well now you can make it happen!

Iberostar Web Check-in is an innovative and exclusive service that will allow you to check into the hotel before your arrival, thus avoiding queues and procedures. But, above all, you can enjoy your room, the spa, restaurants and everything you want in your Iberostar hotel from minute one!


Would you like to receive your purchases at the hotel?

It is your first day at the hotel and you have everything ready to go down to the pool after the delicious lunch at the restaurant when suddenly: oh no! You discover that you have forgotten the book you intended to read comfortably while lying in a hammock at home.

Luckily, you are staying at an Iberostar hotel. What would you think if we told you that you can have a brand-new book in your room the next day?

How is it possible? The pioneering agreement reached between Iberostar and Amazon allows customers to receive their purchases at the hotel, since you will have a selection of products chosen by Iberostar in advance depending on the particularities of each destination.

The Iberostar and Amazon websites are intertwined to allow you to receive purchases directly in your room during your stay. So, worrying about forgetting things is over! The quality and agility of this service will make you only dedicate yourself to what you really want: to relax and enjoy your holiday!