As a freelance writer and social media manager, I work for various clients at a time, located in all parts of the world. Being this international means I have to travel often for work, whether it’s to write about a specific event, place, or product or to meet with new clients in person.

Before working from home, I was no stranger to traveling. I was raised in New York City, where I lived for close to two decades, but was born in the Dominican Republic. I also lived in Miami throughout my undergraduate career and two years post-grad. While I currently live in the city of lights, Paris, with my husband, I’ve traveled to many countries for both work and pleasure and plan to add many more destinations to that list soon.

As a seasoned traveler, I’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from the hotels where I stay. Fortunately, Iberostar has hotels in the majority of the countries I’ve visited, from the Americas to Europe to Africa, and it is always my first choice when I am traveling abroad. In the United States, they have hotels in my two main cities: in NYC and in Miami Beach. These two cities are where I spend most of my time when I’m not in Paris.

In Spain, where I also travel to often, they have hotels in three of the major cities I have been to; in Barcelona, in Ibiza, and in Madrid. Finally, in the Dominican Republic: a dream destination, (which I usually only visit for vacation and to visit family), they have a total of six all-inclusive hotels and resorts.


As a real Caribbean girl at heart and an all-around city girl, the ocean room view is my go-to when traveling. And if there’s no ocean, a city skyline is a must. You may find it a bit picky of me to focus on this when all I need is a hotel room for is sleep (and in my case work as well). But to get inspired, I need the right ambiance. For someone who travels as much as I do for work, a home away from home is just what I’m looking for during my stay. And I’m not the only one who feels this way! Here’s what my fellow mentor and friend says about staying in hotels during work trips:

“I travel a lot for work, but I also travel to work remotely to change up the scenery and get inspired. I go to the same hotel three times a year for this reason. By now, I know the guy that takes reservations and checks me in. It's nice to have someone help me book the ideal room to get the best sunrise and sunset views. I love to be greeted with a familiar smile and latest update to what is new in town. I now leave a small box of chocolates when I check out as a thank you gesture. I get the customer service I need when booking a hotel." - Lisette Miranda, CEO and founder of PINC International


There’s also something about a hotel stay that not even the most excellent short-term rental apartment can provide you with. The bellhop at my favorite Iberostar hotel knows my name by now. The minute I walk through the doors he greets me with a “Good morning/afternoon/evening, Mrs. Olivares.” Friendly, familiar faces can make any hotel feel like a home away from home. From the bartenders to the housekeepers, the Iberostar staff has come to feel like family for me.

Since I sometimes stay in the same hotel more than once in a three-month period, I decided to become a part of My Iberostar, which provides me with a broader range of discounts and IberostarPOINTS for free nights. In addition, with My room on line! service I can select my favorite room in each hotel. Repeating my stays in a room I love makes me feel at home.

“Because I travel so much for work, I’m now committed to hotels of a certain name for their points system. Once you get high enough on their points and perks, it’s worth maintaining it.” Diana Doré


Spa Sensations Iberostar provides me with the perfect escape when I need a break from researching for my writing or when I have writer’s block. It allows me to relax and be pampered with treatments of my choice. Like easing tightness in my shoulders, soothing sore muscles, or helping to clear my mind with an anti-stress massage. Before a client meeting, I can also indulge in head-to-toe beauty treatments with hair styling, and a mani-pedi to make sure I make the best first impression possible. Iberostar spas have me fully covered!

With a hotel, you have specific guarantees that rentals cannot make, such as 24/7 customer service, breakfast, a business center, a gym full of machines to keep fit, free WiFi and a front desk/concierge for wake-up calls, general information, and emergencies, among many other perks. And, above all, cleanliness. Knowing that when I get to my room it will be impeccable, neat and with all sorts of details makes me prefer to stay in a hotel over an apartment. At Iberostar hotels, for example, I can always expect to walk into a clean room and sleep in clean sheets.



Safety is one of the most significant issues when it comes to me booking a hotel versus a rental home. Measures of security between rentals differ widely so you can never be 100% sure that your things, and most importantly you, will be safe. Privacy is also another issue that goes hand in hand with security.

For meeting clients, a rental apartment doesn’t always meet the level of professionalism you require, but a lounge or a meeting space in a hotel does. With the amenities and services provided in an Iberostar hotel, the quality of my stay is much higher. Hotels are also far more reliable than a rental considering that the owner can cancel your reservation at any time, and worst of all, at the last minute. Whereas a hotel, like Iberostar, will always find a way to accommodate you.