If you are in need of complete and utter relaxation, why not kill two birds with one stone and combine getting a massage with the great outdoors? Of course, the type of outdoor setting that your massage takes place will have different effects on you, so it is very important to select the type of setting that is most suitable for your needs.

Get a Massage during Sunrise or Sunset

Having a massage during sunrise or sunset can also be incredibly beneficial. Being “attuned” to the natural beauty of sunsets can improve a person’s emotional wellbeing, according to a study from the University of California at Berkley. 


A similar study by the same researcher, Jia Wei Zhang, found that those same emotions that improve your personal wellbeing were also found to cause people to be more generous.

Sun-gazing is an ancient method of healing. The sun is able to recharge you. Composed of ultraviolet light that the body needs for optimum health, the sun stimulates the production of melanin as well as stimulating metabolism, (especially metabolism of minerals). In humans, Vitamin D changes to calcium in the body which encourages the production of endorphins, the hormone that causes happiness and satisfaction which prevents depression.

Sunlight is also good for the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and can reduce anxiety. It is a known fact in Scandinavian countries that reduced sunlight causes nervousness, depression, and other health issues. Even a single exposure significantly lowers blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure and taking Vitamin D pills does not guarantee enough of a dosage.

Sunlight has very similar to the effects of exercise and has a great effect on stamina, fitness, muscular development and even the immune system. It increases oxygen content in human blood and enhances the body's capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues. The white blood cells, which increase with sun exposure, play a major role in defending the body against infections.

Sunlight can also cure depression. The noon sunshine can deliver 100,000 lux compared to the 150-600 lux that one would get from artificial lights. Sunlight deprivation can cause a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression. It is more common in winter months, but also common in people who work long hours in office buildings.


Soak in the Sounds of your Natural Environment

In additional to the psychological effects of looking at natural beauty, the sounds of nature are incredibly healing to the human body. Nature sounds help alleviate sleep problems and are regenerative. “Nature sounds can have a restorative effect on our cognitive abilities,” claims Dr. Jonas Braasch, a musicologist and researcher studying the effects of nature sounds on the human body at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Get a massage next to a waterfall, listening to the natural sounds of the water rather than a recording. Another option is to get a massage on the beach and listen the sounds of the ocean, the scents of the ocean air mingling with natural oils and the calming breeze.