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Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Punta Cana

  • Anthony Mcintosf says: 2 days

    "We can't thank you enough for making our honeymoon special. We enjoyed every moment. The staff are a credit to the company. Everyone of them work so hard to provide a professional friendly service. The gardens are beautiful, we had a room with a beautiful view of the gardens which was a delight to look out to, the gardeners do a wonderful job. We weren't too impressed with the a la carte resturants, we tried the Asian, and French. The food wasn't of a good standard in the Asian, we ate our starter but left our main course. Once again on behalf of myself and my husband a big thankyou for making our stay special. Xxx"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Zohra Ayad says: 5 days

    Nice Hotel with nice beach

    "I will strongly recommend this hotel to others and really had a wonderful stay there. Thank you."

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Debra Sue Huff says: 8 days

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Iberostar Punta Cana. I would recommend this hotel/resort to anyone. That being said, you have a safety issue in the bathroom of Room 6118. There is a wall mounted hairdryer with a vacuum sweeper type hose that is attached to the wall. It would NOT turn off, as the catch is faulty. The dryer also had a wire that had black electrical tape around it that was observable. It became EXTREMELY hot as it would not turn off, and if allowed to run would surely have caused a fire. Luckily, after many tries, we got it to shut off by taking our finger and holding it and gingerly inserting the dryer into the hatch opening. It needs to be removed immediately."

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Susan Marie Mittelstaedt says: 9 days

    "Iberostar continues to impress our family. The cleanliness of the resort and the professionalism of the staff. If you don't have a good time at this resort it is your own fault. The food is always ready on time and there are enough options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. You can eat healthy or not -the choice is all yours."

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Deborah Ann Collins says: 9 days

    "Food was a big disappointment. Staying 4 evenings, we were told we could dine at 2 restaurants. Reservations were booked, except for a Wednesday at 9:30pm at a Japanese restaurant, which my husband and I don't care for. Throughout the week, as we walked past the many private dining rooms, between 7-9:00pm, the dining areas were half-full! To be told we could net get reservations was upsetting! The buffet food was average. With the open-air dining rooms, there were many flies on or near the food. The quality of food was below average (over cooked meats, meat and cheese that was warm from sitting in the hot temperatures, and under-cooked food like pizza with soggy crust."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • John Anthony Baxter says: 14 days

    "A terrible experience. Would never choose Iberostar again"

    Rating: 2,0
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  • Frank Klever says: 15 days


    "The experience was good. Just wasnt expecting can food or can veggies and fruits nor boxed rice on the buffet. The wait is tooooo long for your food in the restaurants and the food is not great nor the variety. The rest was great exept lots of seaweed in th beach."

    Rating: 8,0
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