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Gastronomy: Majorca

Majorcan culinary specialties

  • Defining Majorcan Cuisine. Majorcan cooking is characterized by its use of freshly cultivated greens and grains, island-raised pork, and coastal fish, and indulgent desserts such as the ensaimada.
  • Classic Dishes from Majorca. Majorca features diverse gastronomic offerings and savory dishes including: frit mallorquín made with pig or lamb organ meat with potatoes and vegetables; traditional Majorcan soups like those prepared with finely cut slices of bread or escaldadas with stock and vegetables and sometimes meat; cocarroi, a type of classic sweet or salty empanada; the famous sobrasada, made with pork loin, lard, and ground paprika; frescura del trampó, a blend of fresh tomato, red pepper, and onion; cocas de verduras, a vegetable tart; pan con aceite or bread with olive oil; arròs brut, steamed and spiced rice; empanadas; and tasty tumbet made with thinly sliced potatoes, eggplant, and peppers, all fried, and blended with a tomato sauce. Suckling pig and lamb are the most treasured roasted meats.
  • Majorcan Ensaimadas. Among desserts in the Majorcan bakery, the ensaimada reigns supreme. This delicate pastry forms a spiral made with flour, confectioner's sugar, and lard. Also not to be missed are the gató, a classic almond cake often served with ice cream; robiols, sweet half-moon pastries filled with cottage cheese or fruit preserve; and crespells, a sweet pastry.
  • Majorcan Wines and Herbs. Among the most representative of Majorca's beverages is Palo, an alcoholic drink obtained by macerating cinchona bark and roots with sugar and alcohol. Herbs are also very traditional beverages in Majorca and frequently accompany coffee. They can be sweet, dry, or mixed.  Majorcan wines are very famous due to their elevated quality and singular characteristics: cultivated primarily in the town of Binissalem where a grand wine festival is held each summer.


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