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Natural areas: Cadis

Cádiz is one of the Spanish provinces with the highest number of natural areas. In 7,435.85 km², it has 7 big parks, 2 biosphere reserves, a national park and 24 nature reserves. Cádiz is the sierras and the fabulous beaches, the Corrales de Rota, Punta del Boquerón, the marshes of Sancti Petri, and many other natural wonders.

Natural areas in Cádiz:

  • Sancti Petri Nature Park and La Barrosa. A singular natural area with marshes and beaches like Río San Pedro, in Puerto Real, Camposoto and El Castillo, in San Fernando, and La Barrosa. It has signposted paths, navigable waters and horse trails across a splendid scenery.
  • Bahía de Cádiz Nature Park: Dunes, beaches, vegetation, marshes... The nature park that includes Sancti Petri and Trocadero island offers a good chance to come closer to nature and enjoy active family holidays. Bahía de Cádiz Nature Park spans over 10,500ha of Mediterranean wetlands.
  • Doñana National Park: The natural gem of Southern Spain, designated as a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Doñana is a big natural area notable for its marshlands and scrub woodlands. It is home to resident populations of Iberian lynx and a number of migratory bird species.
  • Sierra de Grazalema: In the area of Serranía de Ronda belonging to Cádiz, designated as a Biosphere Reserve, Sierra de Grazalema is 600 to 1,600m above sea level and is surrounded by valleys, amazing gorges and caves like La Pileta or Cueva del Gato, the biggest in Andalusia.
  • Los Alcornocales: Between Cádiz and Málaga, Los Alcornocales Park extends from the sierra to El Estrecho Nature Park. Water is the main element here, as the park is home to numerous rivers and reservoirs. Recreational fishing is permitted. Active travellers can go hiking in the park.


Hotels in Cadis

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