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Events: Alcudia

Popular feasts and festivals in Alcudia offer visitors the chance to get deep into the culture and traditions of this beautiful village in the north of Majorca. Besides the big feast of Saint Peter in June, Alcudia plays host to events and festivals all year round which complete a nice sun and sea holiday.

Major events in Alcudia

  • 5 January – Cavalcade of Magi: The traditional, eye-catching cavalcade of the Three Wise Men takes place on 5 January every year. The Magi arrive in a ship lit by thousands of lamps at the Port of Alcudia. From the port they get on carriages taking them to the streets of the village, with a large entourage giving candies to the crowd. The parade closes with a spectacular firework display.
  • January – Animal blessing: Alcudia holds a peculiar fiesta to honour the patron saint of animals, Saint Anthony the Abbot. Besides the typical blessing of animals, an old local tradition, the town gets filled with bonfires (foguerons), and demons (dimonis) take to the streets with torches and firecrackers.
  • February – Carnival in Alcudia: Kids are the true stars in the festive Carnival celebrations in Alcudia: parades, carriages of all shapes, outdoor parties and children’s workshops. Sa Rua takes the streets, filling them with colour and laughter.
  • March/April – Holy Week: Holy Week celebrations arouse great religious fervour in Alcudia. Resurrection Sunday is the big day of the week and is known as the day of Es tres botets, which refers to the statue of the Virgin that has an articulated arm that bounces three times (tres botets). On Tuesday, the Shrine of La Victoria takes centre stage.
  • April – Angel Sunday: After Easter, Alcudia celebrates Pancaritat, a traditional fiesta featuring a choir concert in a unique site: Cova de Sant Martí, a cave with medieval altars only a few kilometres from town.
  • June – Saint Peter of Alcudia: Saint Peter, the patron saint of sailors, has numerous devotees in this town in the north of Majorca. On 29 June, the Port of Alcudia gets all dressed up and organises activities such as sports, children’s workshops or street parties for a whole week. The main functions are the sea-land procession, where the statue of the saint is carried on a boat or barca de bou across the bay.
  • 1 July – Feast of La Victoria: The Mare de Déu de La Victòria Festival is one of the most genuine Majorcan traditions. Held in Alcudia, right by the sea, the charming celebrations include a popular race, trencada d’olles, an ensaimada competition and a big night party.
  • 25 July – Patron Saint Festival in Alcudia: In July, Alcudia pays tribute to its patron saint, Sant Jaume (Saint James). Celebrations begin a week before, with all kinds of entertainment options for visitors and out-of-towners alike: processions and parades, art shows, workshops, children’s games, concerts, parties and big fireworks over the city walls.
  • August – Almirante Conde de Barcelona Trophy Regatta: A spectacular regatta with period ships is held in Alcudia bay. It lasts several days, when you can watch eye-catching ships from older days.
  • 24 August – Ronda Murades night race: Closely linked to sports, Alcudia holds a sports event that has attracted crowds for ages: a race in the walled Old Town at night. It is held on the same day of the feast of Saint Bartholomew to express gratitude for the summer harvest, a time of fruit harvesting, especially watermelon and melon.
  • October – Fira de Alcudia (Alcudia Fair): The local fair is a huge display of the culture and traditions of the quiet village of Alcudia. It is a three-day celebration where visitors can taste products grown in the land or go to concerts and exhibitions. Do not miss the cabezudos or big-heads parade.