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Vacations are back! Iberostar. Group celebrates with families

In June 2020, Iberostar Group reopens a selection of hotels in several destinations like Andalusia, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, in Spain and Montenegro and México, among others
The Mallorcan hotel group celebrates its reopening by offering free accommodation to children sharing room with two adults, to appreciate the efforts made by families during the COVID-19 confinement
The return to normality will happen after adapting the health and safety protocols of all hotels to reinforce the care of customers and employees, a process directed and audited by the Iberostar Group Medical Advisory Board

Families with children have suffered particularly during the confinement caused by COVID-19, and Iberostar Group wants to appreciate their efforts to contain the expansion of the pandemic. The Mallorcan hotel chain celebrates the reopening in June of a selection of hotels, in several destinations such as Spain, Montenegro and Mexico, offering free accommodation for children sharing a room with two adults, in stays from June 2020 until summer 2021, and valid for purchases made before June 30, 2020.

This measure is part of the company's ambitious resilience plan, incorporating an amplified health and hygiene pillar into its vision of responsible tourism to ensure the care of clients and employees. Iberostar Group will reopen its hotels after adapting all the health and safety protocols of its operations. To this end, the company has created a Medical Advisory Board made up of experts in Public Health and Health Safety within tourism, guaranteeing the greatest scientific rigor during this process. The extensive dimensions of its resorts also guarantees a safe environment for all types of families, assuring social distancing while providing contact with nature.

The 100% family-owned Mallorcan hotel chain, in its fourth generation, is tributing to its very essence through this gesture. As CEO Sabina Fluxá Thienemann indicates: “We are a long-established family business. We know of difficulties and we acknowledge the resilience of families, whose ability to cope with adversity has been particularly revealed during confinement. ”