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• The largest palace in the city Perast, built in the 18th century, becomes the latest Iberostar Hotels & Resorts luxury hotel, located on Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor, which was designated a UNESCO Natural and Culturo-Historical Region in 1979.
• The hotel—which belongs to the chain’s new segment of historic hotels, known as Iberostar Heritage, and is part of the highest category, Grand—is situated in a prime location on the banks of the Adriatic in the Mediterranean Sea, in a building with tremendous architectural value that has been painstakingly renovated and preserved to showcase the history and the beauty of the Mediterranean.
• The Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast allows guests to enjoy the small fishing village of Perast, which flourished under Venetian rule in the 16th and 18th centuries and which features some of the region’s best Baroque architecture. It is an incredible place brimming with history and culture.

The city of Perast, on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, has infinite stories to tell: ship owners and captains from the Venetian navy transformed it into a commercial and defensive bastion against the Ottoman Empire; it was the birthplace of the first Balkan maritime school; it was the scene of a miraculous rescue of several seamen that led to the creation of the largest island in the Adriatic, formed by stones transported over centuries by grateful pilgrims... Stroll through its streets, cast your eyes up at its perfectly preserved buildings, and be transported to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, when the Venetian Republic ruled the city and determined the course of its future.   

There is nothing better than exploring these lands from a place as unique as the stories themselves. The Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts’ 5-star hotel located on the banks of the Bay of Kotor, invites you to travel back in time to an era of ships, sailors, and sea captains. Situated in Perast’s largest palace, the hotel was home to the noble family of Smekja, one of the most important in the city and a member of Kotor’s nobility since 1779.

The family’s lineage dates back to the second half of the 16th century, but it was not until the mid-18th century when Petar Smekja, aboard the ship "León Coronato", helped establish economic ties between the Baltic States and Venice, making him abundantly rich. After receiving the title of Count in 1748, in 1764 he began construction on the palace that would become his home, which is now the site of the Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast.

Though it maintains its original structure, constructed stones from Korčula (Croatia), the hotel’s 48 rooms were completely renovated in 2018 and are equipped with all the modern conveniences. Respecting, remembering, and showcasing the history of special establishments and enchanting settings is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Iberostar Heritage segment (to which this hotel belongs), a carefully curated range of historic hotels.

Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast is also a Grand Iberostar hotel, the chain’s highest category. Grand hotels offer each guest an unforgettable experience tailored to their needs. Grand hotels represent the highest degree of excellence in service and are designed to create experiences that delight the five senses, through meticulous decoration, exquisite cuisine, and the beauty of unique places.

The modern renovation of the hotel’s various buildings has maintained the traditional style of the Palace’s origins. The avant-garde detailing of its facilities will not go unnoticed, while the old coastal architecture is a marvel to behold, with its cross-shaped arches that unite the two sections of this stunning palace. Without sacrificing its tradition or its history, the Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast offers all kinds of premium services to ensure an unforgettable stay in a city with volumes to tell.

The hotel’s prime location allows guests to enjoy one of Europe’s most interesting regions, a destination brimming with culture, magic, and charm, waiting to be discovered. Just steps from the hotel is St. Mark’s Church, built in 1760, where visitors will see on its pediment the “Lion of Saint Mark,” one of the most iconic symbols of the city of Perast.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts strengthens its commitment to Montenegro this year with the opening of the 5-star Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast and the 4-star Iberostar Herceg Novi. The Bay of Kotor, which is home to both establishments, was designated a UNESCO Natural and Culturo-Historical Region in 1979 and is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy good weather and the beach without neglecting their interest in history and culture. The Group has been present in Montenegro since 2005, when it took charge of Iberostar Bellevue, a sea and sun hotel located in the southern city of Budva.




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