Notas de Prensa de IBEROSTAR Hoteles & Resorts


Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has unveiled its new hotel segmentation, now with four categories: Iberostar, Iberostar Premium, Iberostar Premium Gold and Iberostar The Grand Collection

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, the hotel chain, has revealed its new segmentation plan, dividing it’s collection of more than 100 hotels, in 15 countries around the world, into four distinctive categories. The chain's objective is to segment the hotels into categories with similar characteristics to guarantee the best experience for Iberostar guests - no matter which one they choose. 

The new segmentation classifies the hotels into the following four categories:

Iberostar The Grand Collection: The most premium category of hotels on offer from Iberostar caters for those looking for the ultimate in luxury. In an exclusive setting, visitors can enjoy gourmet dining, indulgent spas and the best views from their room. All Grand Collection hotels are for adults only, except Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey (Tenerife, Spain) and Iberostar Grand Budapest (Hungary).

Iberostar Premium Gold. This category is for Iberostar’s top quality hotels. Visitors to the 5-star hotels will discover one of the most competitive services and entertainment offerings available on the market. This selection of hotels is an unbeatable option for families seeking the best food and never-ending entertainment for kids... always in the most ideal locations.

Iberostar Premium. Made up of four and five star hotels, this category offers guests top Iberostar service with the most appealing food and entertainment. For couples wanting to make their most romantic plan come true, they can choose one of the Adults Only Premium hotels in this category.

Iberostar: All visitors will have a fantastically unique experience when they stay at an Iberostar hotel, thanks to the extensive list of activities offered as well as the delicious food and perfect customer service provided. Iberostar are the best hotel option for pure enjoyment as well as the best value for money.

For Luis Hérault, Chief Marketing Officer of GRUPO Iberostar, "This segmentation aims to reaffirm our standards in terms of product, services and enjoyment at our hotels. With the four categories we guarantee our clients, no matter what their choice is, that they will always receive "star" treatment in accordance with the characteristics of that specific category. We have worked on this segmentation with our main sales channel, the tour operators, to establish a logical classification of our hotels."