What does the Cuba sound map include? Undoubtedly, the breaking of the waves in Havana's Malecón, the whispering of the wind among the palm leaves in the Viñales Valley, the creaking of an armchair on the porch of a house in Camagüey.

But, of course, the sound that cannot be missing is the one that defines Cuba and Cubans, the one that marks the evolution of the days and makes the nights unforgettable: music. From rumba to salsa, from jazz composers to revolutionary singer-songwriters, Cuba cannot be understood without music. Find out where you can compose the soundtrack for your trip to Havana, Santiago, Trinidad and los Cayos.

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The son of the capital

Havana is the best introduction to the Cuban son, and what better way to start than with a true classic: the unique Club Tropicana. This nightclub is the king and master of the Havana night, and a spectacle like no other. Rumba, salsa, dance and acrobatics mix in a lush, purely Cuban act. Its fame is only overshadowed by the artists who came to its stage, including the very queen of salsa, Celia Cruz.

Other must-see classics that should not be missing from any Cuban travel soundtrack are the Buena Vista Social Club. This group, created in 1996 to revive traditional Cuban music, brought together island music greats like Compay Segundo and Ibrahim Ferrer in a band that filled the Café Taberna concert hall day in and day out. Today they have stopped playing, but the bar still offers live music every day, including more than faithful imitators of the Buena Vista sound.

With a jump in time and musical style we arrive at the Cuban Art Factory, a center for the promotion and development of Cuban artists, including visual, plastic and musical arts. The Factory organizes concerts regularly and has become the host of the not so conformist Silvio Rodríguez. The singer-songwriter, one of those most responsible for adding a background music to post-revolutionary Cuba, is one of the most recognizable voices in the country and a fundamental melody for understanding and appreciating the Cuba of today.

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Reinvented tradition

In Trinidad, live music has a house, home and name in capital letters: the Casa de la Música is a traditional venue not only in this southern enclave of the South of Cuba, but throughout the island. The party starts around eight o'clock on the stairs of the Parish Church, where the African heritage of Cuba is celebrated in the form of melody and dance until you drop (or the party moves to the indoor dancefloor, where the atmosphere is provided by DJs). La Sonora Trinitaria are regular guests.

On the coast, the air becomes more humid and life becomes less frenetic (if that's possible). Los Cayos move at a different pace, and almost without you noticing they will take you by the hand to move with them.

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