Cuba is one of those places in the world that is so much more than natural and cultural heritage. It's more about life, and lots of it. That means memories of a trip to any part of this island can't be summed up just in photographs, but through experiences.

One of its many intangible charms is the joy exuded by its people at all hours of the day regardless of what they are doing.  Of course, add this natural disposition any festival or special celebrations and the result is wonderful and absolutely unmissable. So, take note, and pack your case knowing that wherever you go, fun will surely be close behind.

Cuba is undoubtedly one of the most special places on the planet. There’s no lack of reasons to say otherwise: a privileged climate, an invaluable contrast between tradition and modernity, a first order cultural and natural heritage, the delicacies of Creole cuisine, the warmth of the Cuban people and their way of understanding life... These are just some of the many reasons to book your hotel in Cuba.


Joy and food in good company

A warm welcome, great vibes and the lively essence of the streets are present in every city across Cuba's wide territory. In other words: making friends is easy and everything happens in groups. So, it's no surprise that Cuba’s most authentic dining experience comes in the form of the Paladares; restaurants which sprung up in people's homes and which serve food to all kinds of clientele.

The idea, born of the Cubans' friendly nature is now a must for any trip; La Guarida (Havana), La Casona de los Moros (Santiago) and the Terraza Cuba (Varadero) are just some of the tastiest and most famous on the island. It's not just the genuine vibe that makes them stand out, but they also still feed the local population and have fine-tuned their service without losing any of their authenticity.

a group of people in a field

Sports are another aspect of life in society. Attending a baseball game (also known as pelota) in this country is an event that transcends the competition itself. It's Cuba at its most enthusiastic and excitable nature. The music never stops, the chants are easy to learn and the joy is contagious.

Carnival... in summer!

Carnival in Cuba remains the most fascinating festive event experience.  Its most standout attraction is the fact it's held in summer so as not to disrupt the cane harvest, and this means you'll have every chance of experiencing it if you're traveling to the island in July.

fireworks over a city

Purifying new year celebrations

Welcoming in the new year in Cuba has become one of the finest moments to experience an authentic island feast. It all kicks off with a big family dinner, usually of roast pork, and then continues with dancing and music in the streets and bars.

It is also a time of purification, and this is demonstrated in two ways. The first is the burning of the doll; a cloth mannequin often named after a soap opera villain which symbolizes all the bad energies which must be left behind. The second is throwing water out the window, slightly less civil, perhaps, but equally effective.