Iberostar Tainos

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Location of Iberostar Tainos

The top Iberostar Taínos hotel is located right on the stunning Varadero beach, on the north coast of the island of Cuba. This 4-star hotel is located 8 miles from the town of Varadero and 34 miles to Matanzas, known as the "Athens of Cuba". The city of Havana is located 87 miles away.

  • Getting to an all-inclusive hotel in Varadero.

 From Varadero airport.

  1. Exit the airport and head right onto the motorway.
  2. Enter Varadero and continue on South motorway until you reach Las Morlas road.
  3. Continue for 12 km on the Las Morlas road.
  4. At 0.5 km, turn left and continue straight 300 yards.
  5. Arrive at the hotel.
  • The Hotel Iberostar Taínos.

Hotel Iberostar Tainos
The Morlas Rd, 12.5 km
Varadero - Cuba
Tel: +5345 668656
Fax: +5345 668687
E-mail: comercial@ibstain.gca.tur.cu

  • Geolocation of a unique holiday in Varadero.

Longitude: -81.176805555556
Latitude: 23.188094444444