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Experiences in Varadero will help you enjoy nature and the relaxed atmosphere of this sunny heaven in Cuba. In Varadero you can spend long evening hours on the beach listening to good music, enjoy the flavours of traditional restaurants, swim with dolphins, dive into amazing underwater caves, visit the largest crocodile farm in the Caribbean or sip a cocktail as you watch the sun go down.

Experiences in Varadero: What to do

  • Swimming with dolphins: Varadero’s dolphinarium is one of the funniest places you can visit with your family for unforgettable memories. You can spend the day swimming with the dolphins and play in the open air. One of the most popular centres of this kind in Cuba, the dolphinarium has a gift shop selling traditional stuff.
  • Diving in Cuevas de los Peces: They say it is one of the world’s best places for cave diving. A real adventure for sea lovers: the largest underwater caves on the island, hiding curious shapes and a great marine life diversity.
  • Sunset on Playa Larga: The marshland in this part of Cárdenas bay invites relaxation in contact with nature for the whole family. Several forest trails near the beach afford encounters with all sorts of native animals, especially birds. Besides, the views of the sunset in the horizon are memorable.
  • A contact with Cuban crocodiles: Ciénaga de Zapata Nature Park is a typically Cuban marshy land where you can find one of the most amazing things on the island. The 300,000ha marshland is home to one of the world’s largest crocodile farms.
  • Eco-trip to Varahicacos Reserve: Spare one of your days in Varadero to visit the largest protected natural area in this Caribbean peninsula. The reserve has several routes to follow, including three 60-minute visitor routes to discover a tropical ecosystem, the ruins of an old saltmarsh and the popular cave of Punta del Este.
  • An evening at the Tropicana cabaret: Tropicana is Cuba’s most famous cabaret, lying just next to the centre of Varadero. The place breathes with Cuban air, beating to the sounds of son, salsa, mambo and cumbia. There is an outdoor terrace for an unforgettable evening under the stars.
  • Shopping spree in Matanzas: The capital of the province of Matanzas is a few kilometres away from Varadero. Known as ‘Little Venice’ in Cuba because of its beautiful bridges, it has a historic district where you will discover the most genuine Cuban essence: quiet streets, colourful houses, joyful people. Spend a morning at the market and visit the little shops scattered across town.
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V