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Popular celebrations and events in Varadero reveal the essence of Cuban joy: music on the beach, rum, traditional food, merrymaking and son until the early hours… The capital of Cuban tourism is a moveable feast where tradition, religious feeling and recreation are intertwined. There are events all year round. Nightclubs are world-famous: Mambo Club, La Bamba, Tropicana…

Major events in Varadero

  • January – Varadero International Carnival: First held in the 1980s, during the boom of culture and tourism, this event celebrating the purest Cuban essence includes lots of activities and parades. In the early years, fun went on until late February.
  • April: Ciénaga de Zapata Cultural Week: A full week of cultural activities in this part of Matanzas province, a 60-minute drive from Varadero. Art, theatre, music, dance… A programme aimed at capturing and disseminating Cuba’s artistic heritage.
  • May – Cuban Tourism Show: The largest trade show for the tourism industry in Cuba focuses on the island’s main tourist attractions, travel destinations and sector trends. In addition, there is a guest country that changes every year.
  • June – Atenas National Rock Festival: Held every year in the first half of June, this is one of the largest rock music events in Cuba. Professional bands and amateur musicians get together to enjoy the best of rock & roll.
  • Second half of June – Varadero Gourmet Festival: Wine tasting, culinary innovation, traditional cooking techniques, fusion cuisine and world cocktails are some of the things you can treat yourself to in this feast for the senses, one of the most popular culinary events in Varadero.
  • August – Matanzas Carnival: A favourite with kids in Varadero and Matanzas, this grand carnival is preceded by a counterpart for children a few days before. Troupes and traditional trochas fill the streets with colour, rhythm and smiles in this part of northern Cuba.
  • October – Varadero Golf Tournament: This iconic golf event is also held in June, drawing the world’s leading golfers at the spectacular setting of Varadero Golf Club. There are side activities for children and adults.
  • December – Varadero Festival: From 7 to 24 December, the city and the beaches of Varadero get livelier than ever for their grand festival, the most important event on the local festive calendar. Rum, music, dance and all kinds of children’s activities make a programme in which troupes and parades play a leading role.


  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V