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Tunisia gastronomy

  • Maghreb Roots. Tunisian dining incorporates Maghreb cuisine based on vegetables, mutton, ox, camel, fish, and pasta.
  • Authentic Tunisian Cuisine. Tunisian couscous: small pasta made with wheat semolina mixed with pieces of lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Merguez: delicious grilled lamb sausage. Fatima's Fingers: stuffed meat and vegetables. Boutargue: special type of red caviar prepared with dried, salted, and pressed flat eggs. Chorba: Arab soup. Mechoui: bites of lamb or kid. Meloukhia: lamb braised in olive oil with green sauce. Kamunia: stew with pieces of meat and liver in a tasty thick, seasoned cumin sauce. Tagine: pies with lamb, vegetables, eggs, potatoes, maluska leaves, and parmesan cheese.
  • Sweet Endings in Tunisia. Baklava: layers of pastry, honey, dried fruits, sugar, salted butter, eggs, oil, almonds, and geranium water. Bouza: similar to custard, made with a base of sorghum, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, milk, and sugar. Makrouhd: semolina and honey pastry filled with dates or almonds and baked or fried in oil.
  • Tunisian drinks. Tunisian wines are of notable fame as well as its fig liquors and, of course, its aromatic mint tea and strong coffee.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V