Iberostar Grand Trinidad

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Accommodation and meal plans at the Hotel Iberostar Grand Trinidad

The Iberostar Grand Trinidad is a luxury resort in Trinidad, Cuba, offering three different types of accommodation including all sorts of amenities and details for you to have the holiday of your dreams: room only, room and breakfast, and half board. Learn everything about the meal plans of the best five-star resort in Trinidad.

Gourmet food, facilities with charm and all the flavour of a historic city in Cuba turn the Iberostar Grand Trinidad into a fascinating and unique resort.

Check out the meal plans available at the Iberostar Grand Trinidad.

Half Board

Treat yourself to the holiday of your dreams. Spend a few days in heaven, collecting unforgettable moments. A golden opportunity to enjoy yourself, have fun and taste the delicious creations of our chefs. Book your half-board stay at the Iberostar Grand Trinidad and get the best of Cuba. Our luxury resort in central Trinidad offers you the most exquisite Cuban dishes and the most scrumptious Caribbean cocktails in an unforgettable, lively setting where light, colour and flavour reign supreme.With our half-board deals in Trinidad, Cuba, you will have breakfast in the morning, choosing from a wide range of foods and drinks: assorted types of bread, jam, honey and olive oil, different kinds of coffee, tea, fruit juice, fresh fruit, cereals, pastries, and much more. In the evening, we will treat you to a buffet dinner with authentic Cuban food or international dishes in a unique space.

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Room And Breakfast

Experience the happiness of waking up in a magic setting and spend the very first moments of your day having a scrumptious breakfast without leaving the hotel. If you want to get around Trinidad without fixed hours, choose the room and breakfast option at the Iberostar Grand Trinidad. The perfect formula for a great breakfast in the Cuban style, five-star service and top-quality products.

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