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Sports available in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach’s extraordinary natural setting makes it possible to have sun and sea as well as mountains in a single holiday – no need to leave anything out. Offering lots of interesting things in the way of active travel, this world-class tourist resort in Bulgaria invites visitors to go sailing or do water sports. For those who prefer to stay out of the water there is horseback riding, beach volleyball and hiking, among others.

Sports in Sunny Beach

  • Sailing in Sunny Beach: Besides a long, 8km bay with several piers and jetties, this resort features the largest marina in Bulgaria, Marina Dinevi. It is the ideal place to hire a boat or yacht to explore the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, or to take sailing lessons.
  • Horse riding by the Black Sea: Horse riding is an ideal sport for both children and adults, as it combines nature, animals and great landscapes with workout. Horseback rides in Sunny Beach can go along especially designed circuits or just across the beach, for those in search of postcard views.
  • Beach volleyball on Sunny Beach: No need to leave the beach for exercise: in Sunny Beach there are many courts on the sand. They are well-equipped and far from the sunbathing areas. At sunset, the beach is the perfect place to have a great time playing volleyball with family or friends.
  • Hiking in Cape Emine: Walking down the trails in this natural landmark is one of the most popular sport activities with visitors to Sunny Beach. Next to the charming village of St Vlas, Cape Emine marks the tip of the Balkan Mountains as it affords stunning views of the Black Sea. The trails are clearly signposted, and the area is well kept.
  • Diving in the Black Sea: Sunny Beach is a great place for divers, and the Black Sea is like heaven for scuba diving enthusiasts. The water is less salty than in the Mediterranean and the waves are virtually non-existent. Cape Emine, Sunny Beach and Ravda are some of the most interesting spots for this sport.
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Lev (BGN)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V

Hotels in Sunny Beach

Applicable for a journey from October 22 to January 20


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Sunny Beach

Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort

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