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What to do in Sousse

The experiences in Sousse invite guests soak up the local way of life, taste Tunisian traditional food, get bargains in the busy souks, try their luck at the casino or simply dance until dawn on the beach feeling the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. In sum, Sousse has a lot of things for a memorable stay.

Experiences in Sousse: What to do

  • Shopping in the souks of Sousse: Look, compare prices, bargain... A tour of the souks of Sousse can be a trip to the genuine Tunisian culture. Today tourists can be said to have deprived the souks of some of their authenticity, but these markets still make a great way to look at the daily life of Sousse. The two most outstanding souks in town are El Reba, specialising in handicrafts, and El Ahad, which sells food, spices, etc.
  • A night at the casino in Sousse: The casino in Sousse will make you believe you are in Las Vegas. The card games, the roulette wheels and even the shows resemble those in the US.
  • Tea and sweets in Sousse: In addition to the traditional couscous, brik or harissa you can try at any restaurant in Sousse, you cannot miss the aromatic mint tea with mouth-watering sweets made with dry fruit and honey.
  • Nightlife on the beach: Nightlife in Sousse is full of rhythm and colour. The parties, bars and clubs on the beach invite guests to dance all night long. Very close, in Monastir or Port Kantaoui, evening parties are even more fun than in the centre of Sousse, so you can try both experiences during your holiday in Sousse.
  • Sunset in the Medina: Take a stroll along the busy streets of the medina of Sousse as the sun goes down... A great feast for the eyes, courtesy of a sky that turns orange as if embraced by flames and whitewashed houses that shine with a rare brightness forming silhouettes in the windows.
  • Pirates for a day in Sousse: One of the funniest experiences for the whole family in Sousse consists in going on a pirate ship tour in the gulf of Hammamet. You will have an amazing time. In addition, the tour affords great views of the coast of Sousse, Port El Kantaoui and Monastir.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V

Hotels in Sousse

Applicable for a journey from September 24 to December 23
Iberostar Diar El Andalous
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