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The Iberostar Praia Do Forte Hotel is heaven on earth for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’ve played for years or are an absolute beginner, you’ll find all sorts of activities, both on land and in the water that will keep you enthused day and night. Come play our beautiful par 72 golf course, catch a wave paddle surfing, or simply relax with a great workout at our fully equipped health club. The beautiful Brazilian coast is an absolutely inspiring backdrop for your sporting adventures.


  • Fit&Fun

    With Fit&Fun, you can stay in shape and enjoy healthy food without missing out on a delicious menu. Because taking care of your body when you’re on vacation isn’t a duty but a pleasure that can come in many different forms: a fit cycling session, a massage, healthy food or getting some much-needed rest in your room.

  • Golf

    An exclusive golf experience awaits all golf players who visit the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall golf courses. Enjoy a round on this 18-hole course and take in the magical views and sounds of the island. What’s more, you can benefit from the exclusive extras offered by the club: stores, restaurants and the opportunity to perfect your swing with professional players. 

  • Sports facilities

    The range of sports facilities at the Iberostar Praia do Forte means you don’t have to forgo your fitness plan while on vacation and that you can also try something new: If you’re a fan of team sports, try your hand at beach volley ball, or if you prefer tennis, sign up to the beginners or advanced tennis classes or simply grab a racket and hit the court. What’s more, at the hotel gym find all the equipment you need for cardio or strength workouts during your vacation… simply choose the muscle group you’d like to train! 

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