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Location of Iberostar Bahia

The Iberostar Bahia Hotel is located in Praia do Forte, Brazil. This hotel, right on the beach, has a unique location: 46 miles from Salvador, Bahia, the country's most international city, and close to the Atlantic Forest and coral reefs of the waters that surround Brazil, and is a must-see for visitors during their stay in this amazing country. Its beaches are protected by IBAMA because they are the main nesting beaches for sea turtles, as well as the route of humpback whales.

Directions from Salvador de Bahia Airport. Distance: 37 miles.

  1. Head north on Ave Octavio Mangabeira to BA-099
  2. Turn right onto BA-099
  3. Exit to join R. Lauro de Freitas
  4. Past Lauro de Freitas continue on the Rodavía BA-099 (toll road) until past the turnoff to the village of Praia do Forte
  5. Take the next turn right (1.8 miles past Praia do Forte)
  6. The destination is across the street 


Iberostar Bahia Hotel
Rodovia BA 099, 34 miles
Praia do Forte, 34 miles
CP: 48280-000

Tel: +55-71 3676-4200
Fax: +55-71 3676 4202

Email: info@iberostar.com.br        


Length: -37.98822500000
Latitude: -12.55034166667