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Sports in Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is Majorca’s best destination for sports lovers. In addition to modern facilities catering to the needs of sportspeople of all levels and in all circumstances, this coastal area in the north of Majorca boasts the perfect weather for cycle touring and kitesurfing, for classics like hiking, golf or sailing, and for sports in fashion like Nordic walking.

Sports in Playa de Muro

  • Cycle touring in Playa de Muro: A paradise for cycle tourers by the sea, Playa de Muro offers exclusive, safe bike lanes that can be used by families or groups. Some of them are eco-friendly. Besides the workout, they are great for the amazing landscapes they run across and the natural and cultural heritage they show.
  • Kitesurfing on Muro beach: Although the Mediterranean is a sea with moderate swell and Muro is a beach with calm waters, the area that is closest to Alcudia can reward kitesurfers with adrenaline-boosting sessions, if the wind is strong enough. There are schools offering intensive courses to visitors who want to try their hand at this exciting sport.
  • Golf in northern Majorca: Some of the most popular golf courses in Majorca are to be found in the area surrounding Playa de Muro: Alcanada Golf, Capdepera Golf, Golf Pollensa… Up to six golf courses for players of all levels, in spectacular natural settings adding value to the sporting experience.
  • Nordic walking in Majorca: This emerging sport, quite similar to hiking, is attracting more and more fans, being as it is easy and apt for people of all ages. In Playa de Muro, Alcudia and Majorca at large there is a high concentration of hiking trails. In fact, the first Nordic walking park in Spain is here.
  • Horse riding in Playa de Muro: There are several horse riding schools in Playa de Muro offering specialist courses for all kinds of riders and two-hour rides to enjoy the beautiful beach on a horse.
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