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Events in Playa de Muro

Popular feasts and festivals in Playa de Muro offer visitors the chance to get deep into the culture and traditions of this beautiful village in the north of Majorca. Besides the big feast of Saint Peter in June, Alcudia plays host to events and festivals all year round which complete a nice sun and sea holiday.

Major events in Playa de Muro

  • January – Big-heads Parade: The Trobada de Gegants is one of the most striking celebrations you can see in Playa de Muro. It is held on Sunday before the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot – the patron saint of animals – who has many devotees in the north coast of Majorca. Big-heads dance and get around in town, amusing locals and out-of-towners alike.
  • 17 January – Feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot: This is the big fiesta of the winter season in Majorca. In spite of the time of year, the mild Mediterranean climate makes it possible to take to the streets to honour the saint. Bonfires, parades, dancing and party, one after the other. In addition, the feast coincides with slaughter time, which means quality pork products can be grilled outdoors for everyone to have lunch or dinner together.
  • February – Carnival in Playa de Muro: Fancy dresses, dance for adults and kids, party… As in the rest of Spain, Carnival in Playa de Muro is synonymous with fun and energy. For several days, restaurants and bakeries produce finger-licking confections like ensaimadas, pumpkin pies or greixoneres… On Tuesday, the Torrada de la Sardina is celebrated with grilled sardines in a big cookout.
  • March/April – Holy Week: Religious fervour and tradition seize the streets at Easter time, a feast shared with the early birds of the bathing season, coming from all over Europe. One of the nerve centres in Playa de Muro is the Shrine of San Vicente, where devotees pay tribute to the saints, and then have a popular paella and children’s games.
  • June – Saint John’s Eve: The patron saint of Playa de Muro has his feast on 24 June. There are dozens of sports activities, children’s games, cookouts and night parties. On Saint John’s Eve (the night from 23 to 24 June), locals gather round bonfires and throw candles to the sea to fight off evil spirits.
  • 25 July – Feast of Saint James: Every year, on the Feast of Saint James, there are day and night races known as Corregudes del Cós de Sant Jaume – a 100-year-old tradition. One of the most striking celebrations is the Encamisada where people paint the streets white wearing shirts of this colour.
  • First weekend of August – Muro Night Fair: Muro beach holds one of the most popular night fairs in Majorca. On Saturday and Sunday, the streets get filled with stands selling typical crafts and regional food. There are traditional trade demonstrations too.
  • August – Casetes des Capellans Festival: This picturesque small-house village skirting Muro beach has its summer festival on the second week of August. There is a big cookout and many activities for children. The bars and restaurants in the area plan special menus and activities.
  • September – Opportunity Market: Shops in Playa de Muro takes their stock to the streets one Sunday in September, wooing shoppers with big discounts.
  • November – Pumpkin Festival: Although this festival started off as a traditional farming fair, over the past years it has morphed into a traditional event where pumpkins – a traditional autumn vegetable – are the real stars. A series of stalls are set up offering traditional products and amazing pumpkin-based dishes.
  • November to January – Muro Classical Music Festival: Known as the Miquel Tortell Music Festival, this music event unfolds in Playa de Muro in autumn and winter. It is one of the most comprehensive classical music festivals in Majorca, held against the magnificent backdrop of the Convent of Santa Anna, in the heart of town. The programme includes works by the big masters and a couple of music tales for children.
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