Iberostar Cristina

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Location of Iberostar Cristina

The Iberostar Cristina hotel boasts a Palma location, not only near the beach, but also next to Palma old town so you have easy access to shops, museums and monuments, which you can enjoy during your stay. Want to find out how to get to Palma? If you are driving in Majorca, just follow the directions shown below.

  • Directions to this hotel for families and groups in Playa de Palma

From Palma de Mallorca Airport

  1. km 0: leave Palma de Mallorca airport on the local road
  2. km 0: follow the local road for 2.1 km towards Santanyí/Platja de Palma
  3. km 2.1: continue on PM-19 for 2 km; take exit 10 towards Manacor/S´Aranjassa/Platja de Palma
  4. km 4.1: follow the junction for 346m towards Ca´n Pastilla/ Platja de Palma
  5. Sometimes
  6. Camino de Can Alegría for 393 m
  7. Las Maravillas
  8. Calle Marbella for 834 m
  9. Sometimes Exit
  10. Calle Marbella for 144 m
  11. Calle de Arenas de Bilbao
  • Address of the Iberostar Cristina hotel

Iberostar Cristina hotel
Calle Arenas de Bilbao, s/n
07610 Playa de Palma
Fax: +34 971 49 00 03

  • Geolocation of this hotel in Playa de Palma

Longitude: 2.739071709632086