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Mahdia hosts feasts and festivals throughout the year. They offer a good chance to enjoy the customs and traditions of this wonderful coastal town in Tunisia, a place where history, religion and life co-exist in perfect harmony. From January to December, visitors will find all kinds of events in Mahdia, but in the summer they are really fun and colourful.

Major events in Mahdia

  • March – Octopus Festival: Kerkennah Islands, an archipelago to the south of Mahdia, holds the Octopus Festival on the beach every year in March. A number of craftsmen and fishermen get together to listen to music and eat tasty octopus recipes: octopus salad, couscous, grilled seafood, and more.
  • April – Khélifa-Stambouli Festival: This Arab theatre festival taking place in Monastir, a few kilometres north of Mahdia, has been held for 20 years now. A wide array of theatre plays are staged in different locations in town for a whole week.
  • June/July/August – El Jem Symphony Festival: This is the major cultural event on the coast of Tunisia. It has been held for more than two decades now in the unrivalled environment of the coliseum in El Jem, one of Mahdia’s architectural gems and one of the most important Roman coliseums in the world. Prestigious ensembles like the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra or the Rome Symphony Orchestra have participated in this Tunisian festival.
  • July – Mahdia Sea Festival: Mahdia pays tribute to the sea in July, in a festival featuring lots of activities like traditional dance performances, concerts, theatre plays, lectures… The main events take place next to the port, by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • July/August – Nights of Mahdia Festival: The festival puts on Mahdia’s folklore in the summer. Music and dance will bring the audience to the world of local traditions – colours and sounds that evoke the soul of this town.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V

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