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The beaches in Mahdia are the best-kept gems of Africa and of Tunisia as well. They look like long tongues of flour-like sand that embrace the crystal-clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Many consider Mahdia and its beaches as the Mediterranean Caribbean, and they come year after year to enjoy their exceptional calm and excellent facilities and services. The prettiest sands are those north of the Old Town.

Main beaches in Mahdia

  • Mahdia beach: It is a long white sand beach with sparkling waters producing low waves and the perfect breeze to fight the heat of Mediterranean summer. Around the beach are tourist services and facilities such as water sports centres, games, tables to eat out in the open air, and so forth. The area is quiet and the environment, charming, as befits a town with a rich history.
  • Monastir beaches: Standing north of Mahdia beaches, they are a dreamlike setting to lie in the sun or enjoy the deep-blue waters and the white sand in one of the most beautiful towns in Tunisia.
  • Kerkennah Islands beaches: Of this group of islands, the largest ones, Gharbi and Chergui, offer a postcard-like picture of long beaches lined with slim palm trees by a sea which can only be reached by your own boat or renting a ship. Since they are not within easy reach, they have kept their charm and delicious natural tranquillity.
  • Rejiche beach: A southern suburb of Mahdia, Rejiche boasts one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in Tunisia. It has a splendid beach with a shallow seabed, low waves and the light blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, inviting beachgoers to enjoy themselves for hours. Rejiche has fine white sand, ideal to lie back or take a stroll. Besides, the beach is one of the best kept and calmest in the area.
  • Salakta beach: Farther south of Mahdia, past Rejiche, lies Salakta, whose long, bright white-sand beach is fringed by a Mediterranean Sea of calm deep-blue waters. The name ‘Salakta’ means ‘holy place’ and makes reference to the beauty of the local beach.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V