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¿Qué comprar en Lisboa y dónde?

  • Ginjinha. Lovers of good food will be grateful to receive as a souvenir the quintessential Lisbon liqueur – ginjinha, a drink made of sour cherries. Yet, the best place to taste it is the bar A Ginjinha, located at Praça of Dom Pedro IV, its well-known distribution centre is A Ginjinha Espinheira store, in Largo de São Domingos, 8.
  • Vinho verde or Port wine. Another great tradition of Portugal; this wine can be bought in supermarkets.
  • Belém cakes. This delicious local pastry can be found at any bakery in the neighbourhood of Belém, as well as at other specialized establishments around Lisbon.
  • Ceramics. As you can see for yourself, blue tiles are part of the urban landscape of Lisbon. These delicate tiles are sold in gift and craft shops. Many of them can be found in la Baixa or close to the castle of San Jorge.
  • Embroidered towels, tablecloths and handkerchiefs. These rather pricy textile items stand out for their great quality. Although, in la Baixa neighbourhood such items can be bought at a more affordable price.
  • Cork items. Portugal is the largest exporter of cork in the world. Hence, its capital is the ideal place to acquire all kinds of items made of this material, including such unusual ones as umbrellas. One of the Portuguese companies that sell them is Pelcor; the place is ready to welcome its visitors in 16 Dom Pedro V street.
  • Rooster of Barcelos. You have surely seen this colorful figurine more than once; it originated in the north of the country and is a quintessential symbol of Portugal. You may find different sizes, qualities and textures of rooters at all types of gift shops.
  • Country: Portugal
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  • Change: Euro
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Hotels in Lisbon

Applicable for a journey from March 20 to June 18
  • City Hotel
  • SPA
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