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Doing sports in Jandia

Sports in Jandía are closely related to the sea and its natural environment. The most popular are windsurfing, sailing, surfing in spectacular wild beaches like Sotavento, and diving in specific spots where the safety of divers is well taken care of and the underwater world is wonderful. Other sports like golf or hiking can also be played in Jandía, with facilities and activities designed for sportspeople of all ages.

Sports in Jandía

  • Windsurfing in Jandía: Jandía is the Mecca of surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers in Spain. The huge Jandía beach and Sotavento are two of the best surfing spots for beginners, while Barca beach plays host to one of the Earth’s leading windsurfing competitions.
  • Hiking up Pico de la Zarza: Jandía Nature Park is an extraordinary natural area for hikers. A very popular loop hike leads up Pico de la Zarza, the highest peak in Fuerteventura. The route takes five hours to complete, but it affords great views of the park and the peninsula. Its terminus comes as a reward to tired feet: Cofete beach.
  • Recreational fishing in Jandía: Jandía and Morro Jable are places with deeply-rooted sailing and fishing traditions. No wonder, then, that the area is a top recreational fishing hub. Tours are organised with professional fishermen who can teach how to catch marlin, a species whose size, power and elusiveness force men to use considerable skill and resources.
  • Golf in Barranco de Vinamar: One of the best places on the Canaries for a day playing golf is the golf club in Barranco de Vinamar, in the peninsula of Jandía, a pebble’s throw from El Matorral beach. It is the second in Fuerteventura to offer an 18-hole course for golfers of all levels of skills.
  • Sailing on Jandía beach: Catamaran or sailboat rentals, intensive courses, lessons for beginners… The beaches in Jandía welcome visitors who want to try their hand at riding a boat or who already enjoy this activity. Sailing in this part of the Atlantic coast can be a great experience, for you can ride the waves alongside dolphins or sperm whales.
  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V