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Isla Canela

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The aquatic sports of Isla Canela

Water sports are a one of the main attractions in Isla Canela. Scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, kayaking, fishing… In Ayamonte, visitors will enjoy the power of the Atlantic Ocean and a unique landscape filled with marshes and plants, close to Doñana National Park and some of the best golf courses in Andalusia.

Sports in Isla Canela

  • Golf in Isla Canela: Golf is a sport that is getting more popular by the day. In Isla Canela there are many golf courses for players of all levels, surrounded by the wonderful marshes and wet areas that are so typical of Ayamonte.
  • Hiking in the Marshes Natural Area: In the marshes between Isla Cristina and Ayamonte runs a back road 49km long that can be divided in different sections. It is a quiet area that offers great vistas of the dunes and plants.
  • Fishing in the wet area of Isla Canela: Visitors who like to go fishing in Costa de la Luz usually go to the river Guadiana. The wet area in Isla Canela, in the marshes of Isla Cristina, is an ideal place for fishing lovers, as the number of fish is high and the spot is peaceful and beautiful.
  • Sailing in Punta del Moral: The marina in Isla Canela is one of the busiest and most elegant on Costa de la Luz. For travellers who want to go sailing in the Atlantic Ocean there are nautical schools and sailboat or yacht rentals.
  • Canoe slalom and windsurfing in Isla Canela: Isla Canela is one of the best spots for canoe slalom or windsurfing on the coast of Ayamonte. Praised for the winds blowing from the north and northwest, it is good for sailing on a westerly wind too.
  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V