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Isla Canela

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Events in Isla Canela

Traditional feasts and festivals populate the calendar of events in Isla Canela. The identity of a fishing village, with its joy and kindness, guarantees fun on the coast of Ayamonte all the year round. There are processions, meals in the country, bonfires on the beach… A thousand and one things to do!

Major events in Isla Canela

  • February – Carnival in Ayamonte: The carnival of Ayamonte is one of the liveliest in Huelva. Hundreds of people come to watch the comparsas and chirigotas. The Cardenio Theatre is one of the main stages in town and it holds the annual carnival group contest.
  • May – Procession and Feast of the Cross: At this traditional Andalusian festival, food, local wine, flamenco cante and dance are the true stars. Celebrations take place in the open air, in the country, because the weather is great in spring. Hundreds of people come from Isla Canela, Ayamonte and nearby villages to celebrate together.
  • June – Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua: The district of Punta del Moral gets all decked out every year in June to honour Saint Anthony: celebrations by the sea, heart-felt religious processions, concerts by national and international artists… The party goes on for a whole weekend or even more days.
  • 23 June – Magical evening: The evening is dedicated to Saint John and a lot of bonfires dot the beach in Isla Canela. Locals and visitors form a circle around the bonfires to make a wish at the beginning of the summer. They drink, eat and have fun until the small hours.
  • 16 July – Feast of El Carmen: The big feast in Isla Canela honours the Virgin of El Carmen, the Patroness of seafarers. It is a peculiar celebration, with people carrying the figure of Virgin Mary on a procession from the chapel to the mouth of the river Guadiana into the sea.
  • August – Sailboat racing upstream and downstream the river Guadiana: This popular competition is held in the river Guadiana every year in August. It attracts hundreds of competitors in various styles and levels, from pros to amateurs. The boats sailing up and down the river make a great show.
  • September – Big feast in Ayamonte: This feast is held every year to honour Our Lady of Sorrow. There are activities for kids, sports, concerts, festivals, workshops, art exhibitions, and many other activities.
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  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V