Iberostar Santa Eulalia

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Location of Iberostar Santa Eulalia

This hotel in Ibiza is located in Santa Eulalia, just 20 metres from S’Argamassa Beach. It’s also very close to the villa of the celebrated Puig de Missa architectural complex. Want to know how to get there? Find out the location of the Iberostar Santa Eulalia. You just need to follow the directions shown below.

How to get to the Iberostar Santa Eulalia hotel: 

              ​From Ibiza Airport:

  1.  From Ibiza Airport, head in a south-easterly direction towards Carrer de l’Àngel
  2. When you get to a roundabout, stay on the Carretera de Circunvalación de Ibiza
  3. Keep going on the E-20 
  4. Take the E-10 motorway
  5. Continuing along the same road, you’ll find a roundabout at which you should take the exit towards Ronda, and at the next roundabout take the direction of the Can Guasch road
  6. Follow the Margarita Ankermann road
  7. Then go through Carrer dels Frigolars
  8. At the next roundabout, head towards Cesar Puguet road
  9. When you see a sign for Avinguda de S’Argamassa, follow it until No. 42 where you’ll reach your destination
  • Address of the Iberostar Santa Eulalia hotel

​             Iberostar Santa Eulalia Hotel

             Calle Mestral, 42 (Urb S'Argamassa)

             07849 Santa Eulalia del Rio - Ibiza

              Email: seu.rsv@iberostar.com

              Tel.: +34 971 330607

              Fax: +34 971330629

              Email: seu.rsv@iberostar.com


  • Coordinates of the Iberostar Santa Eulalia hotel

              Latitude: 38.993220 

              Longitude: 1.567019