Iberostar Averroes

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Location of Iberostar Averroes

This hotel in Tunisia is located on the seafront, in the Yasmine district in Hammamet. The city centre, one of the most popular tourist areas in the country, is located just 13 km away and the Tunis-Carthage Airport is 70 km away, so it takes just under an hour by car to get to the hotel. If you need more information on how to get to Tunisia, just follow the instructions below.

  • Directions to this hotel on Yasmine-Hammamet beach.

​From Monastir airport.Distance: 85 km

  1. Departure from Monastir
  2. Enter motorway 82 towards Sousse (Susah)
  3. 24 km Sousse (Susah)
  4. Enter motorway 1 towards Tunis
  5. 70 km Enter motorway 28 towards Nabul
  6. 85 km Arrival to Hammamet (Al Hammamat)

From Tunis Airport.Distance: 85 km

  1. Departure from Tunis towards motorway 1
  2. 40 km Turki
  3. 60 km Bi´r Bu Ruqbah
  4. 70 km Enter motorway 28 towards Nabul
  5. 85 km Arrival to Hammamet (Al Hammamat)
  • Address of the Iberostar Averroes hotel.

Iberostar Averroes Hotel
Yasmine 8052 Hammamet
Tel.: +216 72 240 400
Fax: +216 72 240 140
E-mail: averroes@iberostar.com.tn

  • Coordinates for your unforgettable holidays on Hammamet beach.

Longitude: 10.53435034184473
Latitude: 36.36103019422211