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Discover the best hotels in Gibara

Iberostar invites you to visit us in Gibara, a town located on the north-eastern coast of Cuba, part of the province of Holguín. Popularly referred to as the White Town, (La Villa Blanca in Spanish), this peaceful town has all the ingredients for a unique Caribbean getaway, whether with family, friends or as a couple.

This small colonial town founded in 1817 combines two centuries of intense history, traditional houses, beautiful monuments, magnificent natural landscapes and friendly, hospitable people; a combination that will undoubtedly make your stay in Gibara truly special.

That's without mentioning the pleasant tropical climate, with temperatures that, despite the geographical location of Gibara, have never exceeded 102 ℉ (39 ℃) and have never fallen below 46 ℉ (8 ℃) in winter.

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  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V

Hotels in Gibara

Applicable for a journey from November 21 to February 19


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Iberostar Heritage Gibara

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What to see in Gibara

Five centuries ago, Christopher Columbus referred to this place as "the most beautiful land that humans have laid eyes on" and although he never got to know the city in its origins, he was certainly right about the natural beauty of the area.

At present, it is still possible to enjoy the lush vegetation as well as numerous historical buildings and excellent examples of popular architecture. Without going any further, its old town is one of the most beautiful in the country, since it has managed to preserve more than half of its architectural heritage in good condition and was named a National Monument in 2003.

While wandering the streets of Gibara, you can gaze upon interesting buildings from the late 19th and early-20th centuries. Do not miss their doorways, neoclassical façades, columns, colonial courtyards, grand entrances and stained-glassed windows.

One of the corners of the city that you must visit is the old Plaza de Armas, presided over by a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty in New York. It was built thanks to public donations and was crafted by Italian sculptors. This sculpture commemorates the entry of the troops commanded by Colonel Cornelio Rojas, on the 25th of July 1898, which marked the end of Spanish domination. The square is also home to the charming parish church of San Fulgencio.

We also recommend stopping by the old headquarters of the Spanish Casino, which has been converted into the House of Culture of Gibara and the town theatre famous for having hosted many important shows in its glamorous past, and which is in the process of reconstruction.

Take time out to visit the so-called Cuartelón, which houses the ruins of nineteenth-century forts erected by the Spaniards, one of which is the battery of Ferdinand the 7th of Spain, which was built to protect the port from pirates.

As for museums in Gibara, the Museum of Decorative Arts, home to of one of the most remarkable art collections in eastern Cuba, and some of the most interesting semi-circular stained glass windows in the country is certainly worth mentioning. You will find it on the top floor of a beautiful neoclassical building.

Two other notable places are the History Museum, which brings together pieces from indigenous settlements, documents and personal objects of the region's forebears, and the Museum of Natural History, where you can learn about the indigenous and migratory animal species that abound in this part of the Antilles.

To relax, why not take a stroll through the Calixto García Íñiguez or the Las Madres park? They are two of the largest parks in Gibara.

What to do in Gibara

Cuba is plenty of options to have fun. Anyhow, we must talk about the amazing beaches of Gibara. The main one is Playa Caletones, a quiet, white-sandy beach located half an hour far from the hotel. It has been relatively frequented only by fishermen until a few years ago.

Another place for relaxing is Playa Pesqueros. Placed in Holguín and close to Playa Esmeralda and Playa Guarda, it is perfect for those people who want to travel with children to Gibara, besides being a popular dive spot.

On top of that, Gibara also has loads more leisure options to try. For example, since 2014 the boulevard Calle Real in the lower part of Calle Independencia is the setting of the monthly Nights of the Villa Blanca, perfect for dancing the night away in concerts and trying local foods.

If you are looking for a night out, you can have a great time in places like Club Gibara, a cultural center where you can enjoy a cocktail or a game of pool. Or dust off your dancing shoes in Siglo XX to the sounds of live music from local bands where the drinks are always flowing.

If you are a film buff, then why not time your visit to one of the local festivals dedicated to the seventh art. For example, the Cueva de los Panaderos Film Festival, which is held annually for three days at the end of March, or the one-week International Film Festival of Gibara, which takes place at the beginning of July.

Book your hotel in Gibara

If you want to explore all these and a host of other attractions, Iberostar offers you a complex made up of three 4-star hotels: Ordoño, Arsenita and Plaza Colón.

The Ordoño Hotel, located on a central street in the town, located in a central street of the town, it forms part of the tallest building in Gibara, dating back to the nineteenth century. It has 27 rooms and suites, a veranda, a terrace with 360º views and an a la carte restaurant.

The Arsenita Hotel, located in the old town centre and close to the parish church, is a homely building from the early twentieth century, with 12 rooms with views, a restaurant with Cuban and international cuisine and a choice of two bars.

And finally, the Plaza Colón Hotel displays many examples of Caribbean inspired decoration and has a spectacular colonial interior patio. You can stay in any of the 14 rooms and enjoy entertainment from local artists at night.

Don't think twice: make your booking and come and visit our Gibara hotels: without a doubt, among the best hotels in Cuba.