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Djerba makes the ideal stage to do all kinds of water sports or walk the austere desert paths that run across most of the island. Djerba has facilities for sailing, water skiing or diving, and is perfect for hiking around Tataouine, fishing or playing tennis.

Sports in Djerba

  • Running across Tataouine: The area around Tataouine is quite arid, contrasting with the rest of the island, which is known as the garden island. The spectacular landscape and the challenging environment attract a growing number of runners, especially to one of the most popular races in Djerba, the Trail in Tataouine.
  • Windsurfing in Sidi Mahrez: Many people come and try some windsurfing on Djerba’s shore. In the final days of summer the wind blows in for windsurfers and regattas are held on several Djerba’s beaches drawing the world’s best windsurfers.
  • Diving in Houmt Souk: The beaches that lie close to the capital of Djerba are attractive diving spots. Official diving clubs are fully equipped, and the seabed, amazing. Those who prefer snorkelling can sail towards Flamingo Island.
  • Playing tennis in Djerba: The island enjoys nice weather all year round, which enables holidaymakers to play tennis in one of the most exotic landscapes in the Mediterranean. The island features a good number of tennis centres and schools.
  • Playing golf on Djerba’s coast: A pebble’s throw from Djerba’s shore are several golf courses where golf lovers can play their favourite sports by the sea. The clubs are fully equipped, most of them have 18-golf courses and boast everything players might expect from a top golf facility.
  • Recreational fishing in Djerba: The port of Houmt Souk is great to go fishing in Djerba, as many locals organise boat trips to a number of fishing spots off the coast of the island. Or you can rent a boat yourself to sail around Djerba.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V