Iberostar Mehari Djerba

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Djerba Iberostar Mehari Djerba location

The location of the all inclusive Iberostar Mehari Djerba Hotel is on the island of Djerba in Tunisia, next to Sidi Akkour beach and very close to one of Tunisia’s best golf courses. In addition, it’s near small towns and villages such as Midoun and Houmt Souk, where you can discover Tunisian culture. Are you wondering where Djerba is? Just follow the directions to the hotel shown below.

How to get to this hotel on Djerba Island in Tunisia.

From Djerba airport

  1. As you leave Djerba Airport (Houmt Souk / Hawmat as Suq), take motorway 117
  2. After 5km, take the Souani / Midun exit
  3. After 15km arrive at the hotel: Modoun / Midun
  • Address of the Iberostar Mehari Djerba Hotel.

Iberostar Mehari Djerba
B.P. 242
Route Touristique 04116
Midoun - Djerba
Tel.: +216 75 745 240
Fax: +216 75 746 952
Email address:meharidjerba@iberostar.com.tn

  • Coordinates of this All Inclusive hotel on the island of Djerba.

Longitude: 10.86966353980853

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