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The events and popular fiestas in Djerba pack the local calendar. There is music, theatre, dance and gastronomy, sports events or national holidays. On all these days, visitors have the chance to get deep into the culture and traditions of this great country.

Major events in Djerba

  • March – Youth Day: The celebrations are held throughout the country, as it is a national holiday in Tunisia. Djerba too holds different functions and events full of joy and numerous open-air activities.
  • April/May – Jewish Passover: Passover in Tunisia is one of the most important Jewish feasts in Africa, which is why the country is a pilgrimage destination, especially the El Ghriba synagogue. However, the real celebrations are held in the homes, as Passover is more of a family celebration.
  • May – Heritage Month: The entire month is devoted to the commemoration and dissemination of the island of Djerba’s rich heritage, the arts and history, the different cultures that settled here, etc. by means of exhibits and other types of events.
  • July/August – Ulysses Festival: The international festival held in Djerba in the summer includes music, cinema and theatre, plus cultural events aimed at disseminating the local heritage among tourists from other parts of Tunisia and beyond.
  • August – Guellala Festival: This beautiful region in Djerba stages a very nice pottery festival. Visitors can buy lovely articles made by handicraft and watch the best potters of Djerba in action.
  • November – Oasis Marathon: One of the main sports events in Djerba and the Sahara, the Oasis Marathon is a six-stage race across the island that has been held for a decade now. It is considered an international festival for sports travellers and a chance to enjoy interesting cultural events and sights.
  • December – Olive Festival: The festival is very popular with locals, as it celebrates the end of the olive harvest season. Olives are a main staple in Djerba and Tunisia. Try the olive oil produced in Djerba; it is excellent.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V