• CountryCuba
  • Capital cityLa Habana
  • Time zone
  • Language(s) spokenSpanish
  • ChangeCuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage110/220 V


What to buy and where in Cuba?

  • A trip to Cuba would not be complete without purchasing one of the island's famous Havana cigars. Travelers can visit several factories throughout the country to observe the timeless and intriguing cigar manufacturing process as well as become familiar with some of the characteristics of high quality Cuban cigars. It goes without saying that Cuba sells the best cigars in the world.
  • Similarly, rum, one of the world's most consumed beverages, is also produced in Cuba, with some of the most recognized international brands. At the Havana Club Museum of Rum, located in the heart of Havana, visitors will learn the fascinating steps of the distilling process that go into every bottle of this delicious rum. It is a truly unique experience that will leave lasting and flavorful memories of your Caribbean vacation.
  • Likewise, souvenir and artisan shops are found throughout Cuba. The isle's street markets are packed with decorative objects and authentic Cuban knick-knacks, brightly colored paintings and collectible pieces.