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Sports in Crete that will make your holidays even better

Doing sports in Crete means getting to many a secret corner on this magic island. Underwater caves, jagged mountains, vertigo-inducing cliffs, hidden lakes, nice trails… You can go climbing, scuba diving, hiking, cycle touring and water skiing, or play tennis. Since Cretans do sports regularly, the island features modern facilities and great outdoor spots for active travellers.

Sports in Crete

  • Diving in Agia Pelagia: Agia Pelagia is the best diving spot in Crete. There is the Big Anchor reef that runs along the seabed featuring diverse sea life; the Blue Cave, with its tunnels across the rock; and El Greco, a 30m-long cave with curious and abundant marine life. The site can be reached by boat. Autumn is the best time of year to go diving in Crete.
  • Hiking in Crete: The White Mountains make a unique environment to go hiking in Crete. There are dozens of trails getting to such wonderful spots like Lake Kournas. All the trails are signposted and attract locals and tourists alike.
  • Climbing in Ierapetra: In this area in the southeast of Crete, next to the Thrypti mountain range, is the village of Vasiliki. Here you can climb the Ha gorge, a very narrow and long gorge (1.5km). The climb is not easy, so it is only recommended to expert climbers, but it affords stunning views of the sea.
  • Playing tennis in Mirabello: Mirabello Bay has different types of tennis courts by the sea in a number of fully-equipped sports centres. There are also clubs where holidaymakers can take intensive tennis lessons.
  • Recreational fishing in Crete: Recreational fishing is very popular with locals. Along the Cretan seashore there are several sport fishing spots. Fish you can catch here include grouper, rose fish and white sea bream, among others.


  • Country: Greece
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  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V