Cayo Ensenachos

  • CountryCuba
  • Capital cityLa Habana
  • Time zone
  • Language(s) spokenSpanish
  • ChangeCuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage110/220 V

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Experiences in Cayo Ensenachos are a feast for your senses. The plans and attractions in this part of Cuba combine nature and adventure for groups of friends and families alike: a dolphinarium, the alleyways of Santa Clara, a sailboat ride in the keys, rented jeeps to connect the little islands, the exquisite flavours of traditional cuisine, and much more.

Experiences in Cayo Ensenachos: What to do

  • Sailing in the keys: Reaching the neighbouring keys, discovering the fabulous underwater world around them, sunbathing in an unspoilt beach or encountering marvellous islands like San Agustín are all experiences within the reach of whoever stays for a few days in Cayo Ensenachos. There are tours departing from the marina in Cayo Las Brujas every day.
  • Swimming with dolphins: The dolphinarium in Cayo Santa María is a must if you are coming with kids. Only a 5-minute drive from Cayo Ensenachos, it offers attractions and shows for the little members of the family, the most popular being the water games and swimming with dolphins.
  • Sipping canchánchara in La Estrella: In the village of La Estrella they make one of the most traditional drinks in Trinidad, canchánchara – a mix of eau-de-vie, honey, lemon and mint. The best place to try it is Cada de la Miel, alongside other local products and surrounded by a lively atmosphere.
  • Creole food in Las Dunas: If you are in for a Cuban food tour, try the restaurants serving creole food in Cayo Santa María, in the little villages of Las Dunas or in La Estrella. They all have a friendly and quiet atmosphere. Booking is recommended.
  • Jeep ride in Cayo Santa María: Santa María is the largest key in Cayos de la Herradura. It can be explored by jeep as you take in the wonderful views of the natural setting and the sea. Also, you can ride across the bridges connecting Santa María to other islets like Cayo Ensenachos or Las Brujas for a full day amidst new landscapes.

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