Cayo Ensenachos
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The festivals and popular events held in Cayo Ensenachos, Caibarién and Santa Clara are the utmost expression of Cuban tradition as associated to native roots and the Revolution: music, dance, Cuban son, food, culture, colour… They will bring you closer to the most genuine local spirit, mixing you with local people to share in their joy, their passion and devotion.

Major events in Cayo Ensenachos

  • March – Dance Festival: This traditional festival held in Caibarién fills the streets with joy. Professional and amateur dance companies perform at the main venues, while little and grown-up dancers put up their shows in colourful costumes after months of rehearsal.
  • March/April – Cuban Book Day: There are lots of book lovers in Santa Clara. Every year, the village holds lots of book-related activities on the occasion of the Cuban Book Day. There are lectures, plays, and so on. The place, where there is a university too, is the ideal setting to join in the celebrations and discover new Cuban writers.
  • 1 May – Workers’ Day: Many say it is Caibarién’s proletarian festival, with big celebrations on this important date on the local calendar. There is a big parade where red, white and blue are the prevailing colours in both participants’ costumes and spectators’ flags. The result is a striking show.
  • 12 August – Festival on Gloria Street: On 12 August, people in Santa Clara celebrate Fidel Castro’s birthday (13 August), which has been merged with the feast of Saint Clare of Assisi, the patron saint. It is one of the big celebrations in the area, full of colour and religious feeling.
  • August/September – Carnival street parties in Caibarién: In August or September, the region has its Carnival – the oldest celebration of its kind after the one in Los Remedios. Known as parrandas, these celebrations date back to the eighteenth century. Also held in mid-December, they turn the streets into a feast of rhythm and colour whose main ingredients are rumba, bongos and fireworks.
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V

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