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The experiences to enjoy on Cayo Largo have been designed to leave a lasting impression of the true essence of the Caribbean. Unforgettable memories, thrilling adventures, fun times and memorable encounters with the most exciting side of Cuba and this magical island. A holiday in Cayo Largo means eating fresh fish prepared before your eyes on the islet of Cayo Rico, raising a glass of rum in the Taberna El Pirata [Pirate Tavern], diving among the coral reefs of Los Ballenatos or swimming with dolphins. An island where you can get up close with the natural side of the Caribbean. An unforgettable paradise.


Experiences in Cayo Largo. What to do in Cayo Largo

  • Excursion to Cayo Rico. Reached by trimaran or private boat, the islet of Cayo Rico is a destination in its own right: a desert island with a spectacular beach of the finest sand. There are iguanas – typical of Cayo Largo’s fauna – to be spotted here, and authentic Cuban cuisine, based on grilled fresh fish, to be enjoyed.
  • Visit the turtles on Playa Sirena beach. Visitors to Cayo Largo between the months of April to September can enjoy one of Mother Nature’s unique sights as one of the world’s richest seas comes to life once more. The marine turtles that frequent the waters of Cayo Largo arrive en masse every year to lay their eggs in the sand of Play Sirena beach.
  • A day with the iguanas. Docile and friendly, the iguana is one of the best-known inhabitants of Cayo Largo and its islets. In fact, there is one small island where they rule the roost. With a population that greatly exceeds other parts of Cuba, Cayo Iguana is the perfect place to spend the day observing the behaviour of these reptiles, their natural habitat and the island’s beautiful surroundings.
  • A Caribbean toast on Playa Paraíso. An essential part of any holiday in Cayo Largo is watching the sunset with a traditional tropical cocktail. The classics are the Cuban rum-based drinks, but thanks to the variety on offer in Playa Paraíso’s bars and restaurants, it’s possible to try something different every day.
  • Swimming in a natural pool. Cayo Largo is home to numerous natural saltwater pools where you can enjoy a relaxing swim among the coconut and palm trees. The most famous of these are found in the area between Playa Sirena and Playa Paraíso, an unbeatable spot for spending an incredible day.
  • Bird watching. Flamingos and bee hummingbirds are just some of the species that flock to Cayo Largo’s skies. For families, a trip to the natural landscapes of the north and the island’s more humid areas is a chance to surprise the kids with the sight of the diverse species that make this part of Cuba their home. Spot them going about their daily routines, feeding their chicks and flying from one mangrove to another, or simply walking about on the beach.
  • Bowling contest. Yes, sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction! In the middle of a desert island in the Cuban Caribbean, there’s a bowling alley – one of the most fun and relaxing ways to enjoy Cayo Largo. For families, a favourite way to spend the afternoon is with a bowling competition and a few cold drinks.
  • Nights out with Cuban rhythm. Cubans have dance and celebration in their blood. That’s why the La Movida nightclub in Cayo Largo has become a mecca for seekers of the Caribbean’s hottest and most intense nights out. On Playa Sirena beach, sunset parties are organised, with jam sessions by musicians and, of course, delicious cocktails and liqueurs.
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V

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Applicable for a journey from January 16 to April 16